various types of yachts: Fishing boats, racing boats, houseboats, expedition boats, luxury yachts
various types of yachts: Fishing boats, racing boats, houseboats, expedition boats, luxury yachts

The yacht can be used for business negotiation, vacation travel, fishing, party, etc. Do you want to buy business luxury yachts for sale? What is the luxury yacht price? Here, I will present to you all details about the super business or private yacht.

Super Business Luxury Yachts for sale | Specifications, features, price

These luxury yachts can be used for family leisure life, friends gathering, or entertaining friends and customers. The luxury fully reflects the high quality of modern life and the high taste of people. It can be customized with communication equipment, conference room, and office to meet the needs of modern enterprises.

YG-HF63 Business Yacht Configuration Form

Here are the technical parameters of a 63 Ft business yacht and 19m luxury yachts for sale.

Indoor area60m2/45m2
Capacity12/ persons
Double bed size (length * width)2200*2000mm
Emission systemPipeline discharge
Clear water systemCold and hot water piping external system
ShellFRP integral molding or assembly and splicing
luxury yachts for sale
luxury yachts for sale


The yacht is generally equipped with the following functions:

  1. The interior space on the lower level has a master bedroom, guest room, and bathroom;
  2.  The Interior decoration of the large yacht is very high-end and luxurious;
  3. The middle level has a living room, cockpit and kitchen, and the deck platform of the tailgate road;
  4. The upper level has an open-air observation deck and a bridge, in order to protect it from sun and rain.
  5. Yacht supporting equipment also includes a yacht sewage treatment system, and a life-saving fire safety system.
  6. In terms of power and technology, it is equipped with engines, generators, radars, professional instruments and meters, telephone communication equipment, air-conditioning equipment, household appliances, and even satellite navigation systems

How much are luxury yachts for sale?

The luxury yachts for sale can be customized according to different functions. Sports models are generally equipped with high-power engines, while the facilities inside may be simpler, while leisure-type yachts will pay more attention to the family taste, such as kitchen, guest room, karaoke OK equipment, video game room, extended fishing stern, etc. to meet the family atmosphere when relaxing. So the private yacht price will be different according to the functions. Contact us to get the superyacht price.

How to purchase a yacht?

  1. Your budget: This is the first question to ask. Yachts are not cheap, not only the cost of construction, the cost of fuel, berthing fees, and maintenance fees must be calculated in one lump sum.
  2. How are you going to use the yacht? There are various types of yachts. The yachts can be divided into fishing boats, racing boats, houseboats, exploration boats, luxury yachts, and so on.
  3. Where are you going to play? You need to know the area where you want to use your boat.

In summary, the most important thing is to choose the right boat type according to your needs and budget!

In conclusion

On the whole, the yacht is a floating apartment on the sea that integrates modern office and family leisure. It has overall functional characteristics at sea. If you are looking for luxury yachts for sale, please leave your messages here. Our sales manager will give you a detailed quotation according to your requirements.

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