Summary: This guide present two types of egg tray machines with the advantages of high speed, high production efficiency, less equipment investment, and low mold cost.

Egg trays generally refer to packaging tools used to hold eggs, duck eggs, and other eggs. Its main function is shock absorption, which is convenient for transportation and carrying. There are types of egg tray crates on market. According to different production materials, it can be divided into pulp egg trays, plastic egg trays, etc. And it can be divided into single egg trays and plate egg trays according to the number of eggs. Here, we will introduce the machine for making egg trays.

Paper Pulp Egg Tray Making Machine

The production process of pulp egg tray:

  1. Shred waste paper (cartons, books, newspapers, etc.) recycled in the market into pulp with a special pulper
  2. Adjust pulp concentration to 0.5%-1% with water
  3. The prepared pulp is transported to the pulp molding machine, and the pulp is adsorbed on the pulp molding mold by vacuum suction, and dried or air-dried after vacuum dehydration

Pulp egg tray is a new type of environmentally friendly product, which can directly pulverize recycled waste paper without industrial treatment. If you want to buy this egg tray machine, please leave your messages and our sales will contact you for services.


ModelTypeWorking methodOutputDrying type
YG-F1000Semi-automaticReciprocating type800-1000pcs/hCart-type
YG-W1000Semi-automaticTumblet Type2000-2200pcs/hCart-type
YG-4-4Automatic (4-sides)Rotation type2200-2500pcs/hMesh-belt type
YG-4-8Automatic (8-sides)Rotation type3000-3500pcs/hMesh-belt type
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Plastic Egg Tray Making Machine

Actually, to make the plastic egg crate, you need a plastic thermoforming machine. The plastic egg tray is made of plastic, but it can produce colorful and exquisite egg trays. Plastic thermoforming (blister molding), is usually used in the production of thermoplastic products. Products with large molding surfaces and uniform thickness can generally be produced by this method. Compared with injection molding, it has the advantages of high production efficiency, less equipment investment, and low mold cost. Suitable engineering plastics include polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET), etc.

Technical Parameters

Forming Area550mm x 400 mm
Forming Depth (Max.)100mm
Sheet thickness0.2-2.0mm
Forming Speed (Max.)30times/min
Air pressure0.6-0.8mpa
Air consumption3.0 m³/min
Sheet width (Max.)550mm
Suitable SheetPP, PS, HIPS, PET, PVC, PLA, etc.
Heating power75Kw
WeightAbout 9.0T

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plastic thermoforming machine
plastic thermoforming machine

This high speed plastic vacuum thermoforming machine is suitable for making beverage cups, fruit snack boxes, egg trays, electronic trays, automotive interiors, agricultural roofs, refrigerator liners, logistics intermodal trays, etc.

Main Features

  1. Using original parts imported from Japan and Germany, the machine design is reasonable, the production is fine, and the performance is stable;
  2. Aluminum alloy stainless steel electric mold plate, the width can be adjusted arbitrarily, saving material;
  3. High-output fans provide rapid cooling to speed up cycle times;
  4. PLC temperature controller: You can set the temperature conveniently;
  5. Automatic forming;
  6. Twice vacuum.
high speed plastic vacuum thermoforming machine
high speed plastic vacuum thermoforming machine

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