Summary: In this guide, we will talk about the blister packing machine. What is it used for? How much is it? 

Do you know how to pack tablets or other regular medicines? In Europe, 85% of solid medicines are packaged in blisters, compared to less than 20% of solid medicines in the United States. However, acceptance of blister packaging is growing in the U.S. as producers and consumers become aware of the benefits of blister packaging. In this article, we will present the blister packing machine designed to pack all types of capsules, tablets, softgels, etc.

High Speed Blister Machine – Packing Machine For Sale

The high-speed blister packing machine is suitable for automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular medicines such as capsules and tablets and candies such as chewing gum, lozenges, and chocolate beans. Reliable performance, equipped with batch number marking and creasing devices, can be designed for blanking without waste, has the advantages of high automation, and high production capacity, and can greatly save packaging materials.

High Speed Blister Packing Machine Parameters

Punching frequency80-180 times/min
Maximum forming area240×260mm
Maximum forming depth13mm
Traction strokePunch: 20-140mm Forming: 80-250mm
Block specificationsReference specifications Standard: 80×57, 95×65, 103×43
Cold aluminum0.14-0.16×270mm
Standard PVC hard sheet0.15-0.5×270mm
Standard PTP aluminum foil0.02-0.035×270mm
Reel apertures70-76mm
Air consumption≥30 m3/h; Pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
Mold coolingTap water or recycle water 60L/h
Total power28KW
Main motor2.2KW


  1. Quickly change the mold without tools, and the mold adopts the guide push type.
  2. Using servo traction, the setting is simple, and debugging is more convenient.
  3. Punching and push-in installation, if it is equipped with detection, rejection, and replacement, there is no need to disassemble the suction head.
  4. The forming heating plate has a long separation distance when it stops, which can avoid excessive softening of PVC.
  5. It can be equipped with image detection and rejecting a manipulator suction head, and vibrating rail automatic feeder.
  6. It can be equipped with a servo cursor for plate alignment.

Why do some board-packed tablets need to be covered with a layer of aluminum foil packaging?

You may see that some board-packed tablets need to be covered with a layer of aluminum foil packaging.  And the tablets are not visible. You may think the materials are wasted, but, why do we do this?

First, we are sure that this kind of packaging will increase the cost (at least the inner packaging cost will increase by nearly 1 time).

In fact, it is stability. Generally, tablets with this kind of packaging are very sensitive to light or humidity. Such measures must be taken in order to keep the quality of the tablet from changing due to the influence of humidity and light within the validity period of the drug.
As for whether patients can see clearly, this is not a problem compared with the quality of drugs. After all, the first attribute of drugs is safety, the second is effectiveness, and the third is controllable quality.

Blister Machine Manufacturer

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