Balloon making machine

Rubber balloons, as everyone knows, are inflatable flexible bags filled with gases like helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, air, etc. Toy balloon is usually for child play, party, etc. Here, we will introduce to you all about the rubber balloon making machine. The balloon distribution business is very profitable.

YG Machinery can provide types of the balloon production lines, such as latex balloon production line, rubber ballon machine, etc. If you are looking for a balloon machine, please contact us to get more details about the balloon dipping line.

Rubber balloon making machine for sale

The balloon production line uses the continuous production or dipping method. It can produce balloons of different colors and shapes. All the production process has a reasonable design and compact structure. The oven adopts the principle of hot air circulation so that the temperature inside the oven is uniform. The elastic piston mold connection device is specially designed, easy to replace the mold, no mold drop phenomenon.

Parameters of High-quality rubber balloon dipping machine line

ModelYG-B60M YG-B70M YG-B80M YG-B100M
Machine size 60*1.4*4.5M 70*1.4*4.5M 80*1.4*4.5M 100*1.4*4.5M
Weight 60T 70T 80T 100T
Packaing 6*40HQ container 7*40HQ container 8*40HQ container 10*40HQ container
Capacity 1T/day 1.5T/day 2T/day 2.5T/day
Power 65Kw 70Kw 75Kw 90Kw
Water 25T/day 30T/day 40T/day 50T/day
Natural gas consumption 700m3/day 1000m3/day 1400m3/day 1600m3/day
Chain length 240M 280M 320M 400M


  1. All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful and durable.
  2. The latex film is uniform and the color is bright.
  3. Various sizes and solid balls can be generated online at the same time. It can produce 8 colors balloons at the same time.
  4. The production line has different specifications: 30m, 46m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 100m.
  5. Fully automatic demoulding, high capacity, no sagging products.
  6. The production line can be designed and installed according to the customer’s production site

The Balloon Machine adopts an automatic vibrating glue dispensing system, as a result, the finished balloon is of good quality. Besides, this machine makes great and effective use of the heating space in the design process. It adopts the principle of hot air circulation and an intelligent PID temperature control system. With the advantages of accurate temperature control, the rubber balloon machine can achieve the best energy-saving effect and reduce the cost expenditure.

The balloon making machine production line can produce advertising balloons, toy balloons, party balloons, etc. And the balloons can be divided into 10 inches and 12 inches according to size. According to the color system, the advertising balloons can be divided into standard colors (i.e. matt) and pearlescent colors.

If you need a rubber balloon packaging machine, you can also leave your messages. Our sales manager will send you all the machine details. Contact us to get the balloon making machine price.

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