A UAE customer searched our floor grinder for sale on Google and asked for the price.  My colleague sent him an email about the price and details of the concrete floor grinding machine. Then they talked about the concrete floor grinder on WhatsApp, my colleague sent customers some working videos of road grinders. If you are looking for a floor grinder for sale, please leave a message.

We have stock of floor grinders in our factory, he ordered 4 at a time, and a few days later we received his payment. This floor grinder is our hot sale product, it is used to grind the concrete, remove coatings, and polish substrates. YG floor grinder machines also export to Ghana, India, the Philippines, and other places. If you are looking for a floor grinder for sale, please leave a message.

Floor Grinder Machine
Floor Grinder Machine | Floor grinder for sale

Technical Parameter:

  • Model: YG-380 Floor Grinding Machine
  • Engine: Siemens
  • Power: 3kw
  • Dust Collector Power: 0.75kw
  • Disc (Wheel) Type: Grinding Disc
  • Disc Diameter: 380mm
  • Disc Rotation Speed: 900r/min
  • Grinding Plate: 3pcs
  • Grinding Heads: 9
  • Working Efficiency: 300m2/h
  • Size: 740*450*910mm
  • Weight: 130kg

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Features of Floor Grinder for Sale:

  1. The floor grinder can grind and vacuum simultaneously, so as to achieve dust-free construction.
  2. The concrete floor grinding machine equips with diamond tools of different thicknesses, which can realize the grinding of various floors, such as terrazzo, corundum, epoxy floor.
  3. The low center of gravity design greatly improves the operator’s comfort and stability.
  4. The cement floor grinder adopts a steering reverse switch. If you find that the motor is turning in the reverse direction, you can change the rotation direction by just turning the switch.
  5. Leakage protection equipment greatly improves the safety of operators.
  6. Floor grinding and polishing machines have the advantages of compact body and flexible operation, so it is not limited by the size of the construction site.
  7. The imported motor has strong suction and an extremely low failure rate. It can be used for continuous dust-free construction for 24 hours.
  8. The main motor and the vacuum motor are controlled by separate switches.
Road Grinder Machine
Road Grinder Machine

Floor Grinding Machine
Floor Grinding Machine

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What should I pay attention to when using a Floor Grinder for Sale?

  1. Polish in order, without any exposure, it is best to polish once in both horizontal and vertical directions;
  2. When polishing the concrete surface, confirm the strength of the work surface. Some work surfaces are sandy or loose. Don’t over-polish. It is best to treat it with a concrete curing agent, and then polish after the strength is increased;
  3. When working, pay attention to some workshop floors with complex working conditions, there will be protruding steel head bolt heads, etc., these will be more dangerous when encountering high-speed rotating grinding discs. The light is flat and damaged, and the heavy is flying. Come out to hurt people;
  4. When polishing the mortar layer, pay attention to confirm whether the working surface is dry, otherwise, it may affect the polishing effect;
  5. When polishing the mortar layer, you can replace the diamond sheet with a special polishing sheet to prevent excessive polishing and damage the mortar layer;
  6. Take care to put away the wires at any time, and don’t be disturbed by the grinder.
Floor Grinder for Sale
Floor Grinder for Sale

Concrete Grinding for Sale
Concrete Grinding for Sale

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YG Machinery provides different types of concrete floor grinders for sale, you can choose according to your engineering volume. Apart from the floor grinding machine, the concrete shot blasting machine in YG machinery also can grind the concrete road. YG Machinery is a professional road machinery manufacturer from China. And we provide road marking machines, crack filling machines, mini road roller, concrete laser screed, non-curing spraying machine, cement sprayer machine, automatic sandblasting machine, pile breaker, hydroseeding equipment, and more. Many high-quality mechanical products can be selected.

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