One Drag One Face Mask Making Machine

Disposable plane face mask making machine can be divided into one drag one face mask making machine and one drag two face mask making machine. includes the main body machine, inner ear belt mask machine, outer ear belt mask machine, and bandage mask machine. It is three production lines that can be freely allocated and combined into different styles. combined into three different mask production lines for the production of masks of different styles.

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Face Mask Making Machine for Sale
Face Mask Making Machine for Sale

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The Characteristics of  One Drag One Face Mask Making Machine:

  1. Double-station welding and high-speed rotating winding mechanism makes the equipment more efficient in production;
  2. The equipment rack is assembled with industrial aluminum profiles and aluminum alloy plates to make it clean, neat and beautiful;
  3. The fast speed of the automatic filming machine can be connected to multiple automatic ear wire welding machines to achieve more than one drag. The speed of the film is adjustable;
  4. PLC and human-machine interface system control, the system automatically counts and displays the total output and the current output in real-time, and the film output speed can be adjusted through the human-machine interface;
  5. The automatic ear wire welding machine can realize seamless linkage with the automatic mask punching machine to achieve no manual automation;
  6. The ear wire cutting adopts high-precision pneumatic scissors to achieve fast, accurate, and trouble-free cutting.

Working Principle of  Inner Ear Belt Mask Machine:

This equipment mainly uses ultrasonic welding. when the mask is moved to the processing position, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated, forming micro-amplitude high-frequency vibrations on the earband, and instantly converted into heat, melting the material to be processed, so that the earband is pasted. or embedded in the inside of the mask body, it is the production process of the inner ear band mask production line, only one operator needs to put the mask piece by piece on the conveyor belt. Subsequent work is basically an automated operation until the mask is completed for repacking. Contact us to get face mask making machine price right now.

Disposable Face Mask Machine for Sale
Disposable Face Mask Machine for Sale


  • Machine size: 1900  * 850 * 1780 mm
  • Voltage: 220V, 1or 3 phase
  • Production capacity: 40-50pcs / min
  • Power consumption: 6KW
  • Air pressure: 6kg / cm2
  • Frequency: 20KHZ


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Features of Inner Ear Belt Mask Machine:

  1. The machine is dense and does not occupy space.
  2. The whole machine uses aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and firm without embroidering.
  3. High stability and low failure rate.
  4. Photoelectric detection to reduce the error rate.
  5. This machine adopts an ultrasonic system with stable performance and convenient operation.

Bandage Mask Machine

Ultrasonic welding is generally used, and the semi-finished products of the mask are finished by the edging process. After the ultrasonic flower wheel is pressed, the bandage is cut off, and then the finished product is delivered. The same production line only requires one person to put the semi-finished mask on the conveyor belt of the house machine, and the rest of the work is automatically completed by machinery. Click below for more related information. Click below to get more information about YG face mask making machine price.

Surgical Face Mask Making Machine for Sale
Surgical Face Mask Making Machine for Sale


  • Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 20K
  • Power: 3kw
  • Output: 25-30 tablets / minute
  • Dimensions: 1900 * 730 * 1300 mm
  • Machine weight: 300KG


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Features of Bandage Mask Machine:

  1. The equipment rack is made of stainless steel, not easy to rust, clean and tidy, and beautiful.
  2. The operation speed of the equipment can be adjusted according to actual needs.
  3. With the counting function, it can clearly understand the production volume and control the production efficiency.
  4. Pulling tube feeding can control the use of raw materials, save costs, and reduce waste.

Outer Ear Belt Mask Machine

The device is to integrate the hanging ear elastic band into the inner and outer sides of the mask in an ultrasonic way to complete the ear-band mask. only one operator is required to place the semi-finished mask on the conveyor belt to operate the equipment. The rest of the welding work is completed automatically by the equipment. Generally, the output of this equipment is higher. Click here you can check our face mask making machine for sale.

Surgical Mask Making Machine for Sale
Surgical Mask Making Machine for Sale


  • Machine size: 2600 * 620  * 1700 mm
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Output: 45-55pcs / min
  • Air pressure: 6kg / cm2
  • Power consumption: 2.3KW


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Features of Outer Ear Belt Mask Machine:

  1. PLC program control, stable performance, and low failure rate.
  2. The equipment adopts an aluminum alloy structure, which is not easy to rust and clean.
  3. The welding strength of the rear strap can be adjusted.
  4. The machine body is small and does not occupy space.

How to Choose a Mask Making Machine?

One drag one plane face mask making machine can select the main machine and then match different rear machines to produce different styles of disposable masks. The equipment is simple to operate, only one operator needs to put the mask body on the conveyor on the jig, the rest of the subsequent actions until the finished product is automatically operated by the machine. The masks produced are comfortable to wear, without pressure, and have a good filtering effect. If you are looking for a face mask making machine for sale, please leave your message.

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