Learn more about water well drilling rigs prices, high-quality water well drilling rigs can not only drill water wells, but are also widely used in geological prospecting, road and bridge building foundation surveys, geotechnical engineering blast holes, grouting holes, and structural quality inspection of concrete engineering. With the widespread application of water well drilling machines, more and more users purchase drilling rigs. However, buyers are most concerned about the water well drilling rigs prices and the quality of water well drilling equipment.

Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale
Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

Water Well Drilling Rigs Prices
Water Well Drilling Rigs Prices

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Parameter of Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs :

Model HY- 240 HY- 350
Drill hole depth 100M 100M
Maximum Opening Diameter 80 – 220mm  80 – 350mm
Drill Pipe Diameter Φ51mm, 1.5m Φ51mm, 1.5m
Motor Power 4kw 3kw
Pump Power 2.2kw 2.2kw
Voltage 220V 220V
Size 700mm*700mm*2500mm 800mm*800mm*2700mm
Weight 180kg 200kg

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Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rigs Prices

There are countless manufacturers of water well drilling rigs on the market, and there are many brands of water well drilling equipment. The water well drilling rigs prices of different brands are also different. Even the products of the same manufacturer have different models, configurations, and prices. At present, the most commonly used water well drilling rigs are divided into wheeled water well drilling rigs and crawler water well drilling rigs according to different walking methods and are further divided into gas drilling and water drilling according to different drilling methods.

Water Well Drilling Machine Price
Water Well Drilling Machine Price

Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs
Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs

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Advantages of Water Well Drilling Equipment

  1. The hydraulic drive powerhead can realize stepless speed regulation to meet different drilling process requirements;
  2. There is no need to use a square drill rod, and lifting the drill bit can save a lot of auxiliary time, thereby increasing the pure drilling time;
  3. The hydraulic control can be used to realize the hydraulic feed pressure and decompression drilling of the drilling tool;
  4. The drill bit can be raised when turning, which is convenient to deal with drilling collapse and reduce drilling accidents;
  5. Powerhead drilling rigs adopt long-stroke feed mode to meet the high-speed requirements of multi-process drilling rigs;
  6. The degree of mechanization is higher, and the labor intensity is reduced;
  7. The connection between the components is only connected by pipes, so the hydraulic drive rig is easy to modify, and different mechanisms can be easily added according to the requirements of use;
  8. Since the rotary feed and the drill bit can be operated at the same time and equipped with a hydraulic power system, the drill bit can quickly change different drilling processes when needed.
Vehicle-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
Vehicle-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

FY Series Drilling Rig
FY Series Drilling Rig

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System Composition of Water Drilling Rig for Sale

  1. Power system, equipment that provides energy for the whole set of drilling rigs.
  2. Working system, equipment that works according to the requirements of the process.
  3. The transmission system is the equipment for transmitting, conveying, and distributing energy for the working unit.
  4. Control system, control all system equipment, coordinate, and accurately work according to process requirements.
  5. Auxiliary system, equipment that assists the work of the main system.

Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Water well drilling rig is efficient and multifunctional drilling equipment, especially suitable for water intake projects in mountainous areas and rock formations. And it can carry out drilling work on different formations. We at YG machinery have different types of water well drilling equipment, such as small water well drilling rigs, portable water well drilling rigs, crawler water well drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs, hydraulic water well drilling rigs.

Henan Yugong Machinery, as a professional water well drilling rigs manufacturer, also has core drilling rigs, anchor drilling machines, auger drill rigs, DTH drilling rigs, and rotary drilling rigs to choose from. If you want to know more about the price of water well drilling rigs, you can just send an email to admin@ygroadmachine.com or add to my WhatsApp +8613598866720, I will give you a satisfactory answer in time. Click below to get the most competitive water well drilling rigs prices.

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