How to choose suitable excavator?

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The excavator is ond of most importants equipment for modern engineering, expecially for earthwork.

The purpose of excavator

The excavator is mainly used for:

  • Excavation of building and factory foundations;
  • Excavate soil materials and peel off the overburden of the mining site (commonly known as leveling operations);
  • Loading operations in quarries, tunnels, underground workshops and stockyards;
  • Excavating channels, canals and dredging waterways;
  • After replacing the supporting working equipment, pouring, lifting, installation, piling, ramming and other operations can be carried.

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How to choose suitable excavator for your project?

As one of the most important types of construction machinery in engineering construction, the correct selection of excavators is important. How to correctly choose an excavator is determined by many factors such as the nature of the construction task, scale, technology, economy, supporting equipment in the construction project, and construction time requirements.

In addition, the following factors are very important: mechanical performance, reliability and durability must be good, the investment payback period must be short, and improving comfort and safety is a must. In addition, good after-sales service can reduce users’ downtime and improve economic benefits. Of course, the supply of accessories and the price are important factors that must be considered when purchasing equipment.

1.The scale of the project to be contracted

20-25 Ton Excavators are suitable for large or medium-scale earthwork projects and medium- and large-scale open-pit mining projects,

9T-15 Ton Excavators are suitable for road maintenance and farmland water conservancy.

When the project volume is small, the working conditions are good, and the working surface needs to be changed frequently, it is more convenient and faster to choose a wheeled excavator.

2. Supporting equipment for excavation machinery.

When purchasing an excavator, you must consider its compatibility with your existing equipment (such as transport vehicles), including a reasonable match between the operating efficiency of the excavator and the operating efficiency of the existing equipment.

3. Budget

If we can get the project, you will get paid back very quickly. We accept types of payements: T/T, ALIBABA .

4. Work conditions and construction mobility

The mobility of work engineering and construction directly affects the choice of the excavator’s traveling structure and working devices, such as whether to choose a crawler excavator or a wheeled excavator.

5. Things to note when selecting the attachment

There are many types of attachments for excavators, such as Bucket, etc.

6. After-sales services

You should consider the after-sales services when purchasing the excavators. This will help you to avoid a lot of troubles.

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In conclusion

Above are some factors that you can consider when you need to buy excavators. YG Machinery has 19 years of experiences in the machine manufacturing. We are one of leading global providers of high-performance excavators from China. Our dedicated team of trained technicians can ensure prompt assistance.

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