crawler spider crane
tracked mini crane

Tracked Mini Crane is a novel auxiliary equipment for material handling. Because this equipment looks like a spider, we call it a spider crane. Although the fuselage is small, the load can reach 12 tons, and it has a 5-6 section hexagonal structure boom with a lifting height of up to 21 meters. This is a new type of device, let’s see how it functions.

3 / 5 / 8 Ton Mini Spider Crane Parameters

Model 3 Ton 5 Ton 8 Ton
Maximum working radius 8.83m×0.2t 14m×0.5t 16.5m
Maximum lifting height 9.2m 16.8m 18m
Hook lifting speed 0-8m/min (4 ropes) 12m/min(4 ropes) 12m/min(4 ropes)
Wire rope specification Φ8mm×45m Φ11mm×80m Φ11mm×80m
Boom form 5-section boom, U-shaped structure
Boom length/time 3.1m-9.2m 4.7-16.5m 4.7-16.5m
Boom angle/time 0-78°
Rotation angle/speed 0-360° (continuous)/60sec
Action form of outrigger Manual rotation + hydraulic automatic support (two-section leg)
Traveling mode Hydraulic motor drive
Engine Yanmar(EPA/Euro 5)
Type of operation(boom/outrigger), manual walking Manual operation, manual walking (remote control is optional)
Standard configuration Diesel engine and electric motor (dual power)
Optional optional Torque controller

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Features of YG Spider Crane for Sale

The overall body of the 5-ton tracked mini crane of the miniature crane is 5 meters long, 1.5 meters wide, and 1.9 meters high. It has four outriggers, which can be manually unscrewed + hydraulic telescopic + automatic support.

Its undercarriage adopts crawler walking hoisting machinery, which moves and walks on the crawler belt. It has good hoisting ability and is suitable for use in uneven terrain, small spaces, and workshops.

The spider crawler crane adopts a turbine-worm slewing mechanism, which can rotate 360°, and has a compact structure. The whole machine adopts three-dimensional modeling, has good braking performance, and can start and stop smoothly to extend its service life.

The 3-ton small spider crane is equipped with an automatic power device, a rubber crawler-type hydraulic traveling device, and a hoisting, telescopic, heaving and rotating device. It is also composed of a boom, a turntable, a chassis, etc., and has walking, steering, rotation, telescopic, and lifting. Several main functions such as , luffing, etc., make material handling and equipment installation work no longer difficult tasks that are not easy to achieve.

We can assemble a wireless remote control system according to customer requirements to realize two operations of remote control and fuselage switch. The fuselage is also equipped with safety devices such as an overload alarm, an integrated computer control system, and a sound and light alarm system.

Advantages of YG Spider Crane for Sale

  1. Telescopic boom, high and low speed, safe and reliable.
  2. Hydraulic outriggers, small footprint, free combination to adjust the angle.
  3. Tracked chassis, rubber tracks, suitable for various terrains.
  4. Walking shrinks, small area, easy to get in and out of anywhere.
tracked spider crane
mini crawler crane for sale

The overall body of the 5-ton spider crane of the miniature crane is 5 meters long, 1.6 meters wide, and 2.2 meters high. It has four outriggers, which can be manually unscrewed + hydraulic telescopic + automatic support.

Electric Spider Crane Applications

Because of its compact and flexible body, it can walk on its own with the tracked chassis. The problem of occupying transport trucks can be eliminated. Tracked Spider Cranes can move freely in the work area. It can rotate 360 degrees in place. It can even enter small spaces, interiors, and roofs for lifting operations, making complex construction a breeze.

The 3 ton spider crane has a miniature design, small size, strong lifting capacity, safe and fast operation. Tracked Mini Crane is suitable for large-scale material warehousing, large-scale production and manufacturing, and other industries.

Small cranes for curtain wall installation can be transported to the upper floors of high-rise buildings by elevators, and then used for installation work on exterior walls such as glass frames. This is one of the most popular applications for miniature cranes and can shorten construction periods and reduce costs by avoiding the need for expensive tower cranes.

Working in narrow spaces: Even in tight spaces, our spider crane can play an important role through four support legs. By making full use of the effective working radius, it can work in a limited space avoiding obstacles (such as power lines).

For roof work, a crane can be placed on the roof and lift material from the air. Tracked mini cranes can complete a shorter construction period and reduce costs. Small cranes can be easily lifted to the roof by tower cranes or elevators.

tracked spider crane working onsite

Tracked Mini Crane Factory

The company develops and produces crawler cranes with various specifications and varieties. The company has advanced production equipment, and a complete product production management system, and the crawler cranes produced by the company have advanced technology, reasonable structure, high performance, easy operation, safe use, and beautiful appearance. Tracked Mini Crane is especially suitable for construction sites, coal mine operations, urban and rural construction, municipal engineering construction, and other construction fields. The product has the characteristics of high horsepower, small footprint, energy saving and consumption reduction, safety and reliability, etc. It is the choice of various construction units to undertake engineering construction and farmers’ friends to make a fortune.

spider crane manufacturer

YG Machinery can also customize vehicles of various models and configurations according to customers’ individual requirements. In recent years, the crawler / tracked mini cranes produced by the company have become the best among small crawler cranes by virtue of strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system, and thoughtful after-sales service companies all over the country.

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