Hydroseeding equipment is an environmental protection device for spraying greening seeds. The hydroseeding machine can mix grass seeds, water-retaining agents, and fertilizers with water in a mixing container. And stir into a gelatinous mixed slurry. Then soil sprayer machine sprays the hydroseeding mixture on the soil or rock with a hydroseeder nozzle. Hydromulching equipment for sale is widely used in highway greening, slope greening, ecological restoration, desert management, and other projects. Contact us to get hydroseeding equipment price right now.

Parameter of Hydroseeding Equipment for Sale:

Tank Capacity3m³5m³8m³
Cannon Shot18m20m20m
Spraying Area60010001400

Contact us to get hydroseeding equipment price right now.

Features of Hydroseeding Equipment:

  • Equip with a special high-pressure mud pump, it has a large flow and high working efficiency.
  • Add an appropriate amount of grass fiber, rice husks, and sawdust into the container, which can increase the adhesion of mud.
  • Adopt a combination method of spiral blade stirring and backflushing
  • Have low fuel consumption, easy to operate, and maintain.
  • Use a 360° rotating universal sprinkler, equipped with a combined sprinkler head and guide valve.

Hydroseeding Has Many Advantages:

  • Even seeding and high efficiency. The processes of fertilization and seeding are completed at one time. It is less affected by wind and improves the speed and quality of turf planting.
  • Overcome the influence of unfavorable natural conditions. It can be sprayed on steep slopes where direct seeding is difficult. At the same time, it can resist wind, rain, and water erosion.
  • It is cheaper than turf rolls, which can reduce labor costs and intensity.
  • High technology content. Integrating grass seeds, fertilizers, and wrapping materials (fibers) into one container. It combines chemical energy and biological energy and applies it to the ground through mechanical energy. It is a revolution in lawn planting technology.

Application of Hydroseeding Equipment:

Hydro-seeding has become an effective method of vegetation construction in highway slope greening, mine greening, desert management, riverbank protection. The hydroseeder has gradually replaced the position of the dry sprayer and concrete pump. To a certain extent, the hydromulch machine solves the low efficiency and high cost of dry sprayers.

Apart from the application of slop greening, a hydraulic seeding machine also applies to large area lawns, such as golf course lawns, sports field lawns. Before seed germination treatment, it needs hydraulic seeding. Add fiber binder, fertilizer, and water, and mix it into a certain proportion of mixed pulp. Then the hydraulic seeding machine sprays the mixture into the soil. Click here you can check our hydroseeding equipment for sale.

Why Choose a Hydraulic Seeder for Slope Greening?

Slope protection greening is a difficult task, so it needs the help of a soil spraying machine. Soil spraying machines can spray mixed slurry of grass seed, fertilizer, and wrapping material. Here are the difficulties of slope greening:

1. Lack of conditions for vegetation survival.

Soil and nutrients are necessary for the growth of vegetation. The slope protection has poor soil, so it is not possible to plant vegetation directly. In addition, the rock mass has poor water retention function and few activated nutrients. Therefore, the vegetation root system is difficult to absorb enough water and nutrients from the slope rock layer.

2. Revetment slope is steep.

The designed slopes of highways and mines are above 1: 0.75, and even stand upright. The rainwater runoff speed is high on the slope, which can easily cause erosion in high rainfall areas. And soil particles brought by natural weathering and rainwater are difficult to retain on the slope. Due to the hydraulic and gravity, they will accumulate at the foot of the slope. Moreover, rainwater can’t stay on the slope, which makes the vegetation difficult to live in.

3. Natural ecological conditions are harsh.

The rocky slope is not covered by the soil layer and lacks moisture. The rock surface temperature is high in direct sunlight. Even if seeds are in the rock gap, they will be difficult to germinate.

What Is Hydroseeding Process?

  1. Cleaning: clean up the sludge and gravel, ensure the stability of the slope, and lay a good foundation for future research.
  2. Hanging net and anchoring operation: lay the three-dimensional network from below, so that the network and slope are better closely integrated.
  3. Mixing operation: mix the screened soil, seeds, crude fiber, compound fertilizer, polymer binder, water-retaining agent, and other materials in a certain proportion. Then stir them until completely uniform.
  4. Spraying: spray the mixed slurry on the slope surface with a hydraulic sprayer.

Hydroseeder Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG company is a professional hydroseeder manufacturer. YG hydroseeding equipment for sale is popular in construction projects. Apart from the hydroseeding equipment for sale, we also produce and sell a shotcrete machine, non-curing spraying machine, road marking machine, asphalt crack filler machine for sale, cement plaster spray machine, mist cannon, mini concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, for slope protection. Whatever you want to do a big or small construction project, YG machinery is the best choice. We will provide the best products and services for you.

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