Horizontal Directional Drilling in Burkina Faso

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With the acceleration of urbanization, there are more and more constructions of municipal supporting pipeline facilities crossing the completed municipal roads. Horizontal directional drilling machine adopts a relatively mature pipeline construction technology and is a kind of construction industrial equipment for paving various underground pipelines, cables, and other public facilities.

mini-directional drills
mini-directional drills

Horizontal Directional Drilling for Sale in Burkina Faso

HDD Machine has the least impact on the environment, the depth of pipeline coverage under obstacles is large, the protection effect on pipelines is large, and the maintenance cost is small. It is especially suitable for some excavations that cannot be implemented, such as downtown areas, urban roads, highways, railways, buildings, rivers, crops, vegetation protection areas, etc. Horizontal directional drilling has been widely used in municipal water supply, telecommunications, electric power, and other fields.

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HDD Machine Parameters

Model YG-160A YG-180 YG-280 YG-320 YG-320A
Engine rated power 100KW 97KW 160KW 140KW/160KW 160KW
Push and pull Cylinder Motor Motor Cylinder Motor
Maximum drag/feed force 160/100KN 180/180KN 280/280KN 320/320KN 320/320KN
Maximum torque of power head 5000N.n 6000N.n 10000N.n 12000N.n 12000N.n
Power head speed 0-180r/min 0-140r/min 0-120r/min 0-140r/min 0-140r/min
Moving speed of power head 30m/min 20m/min 20m/min 20m/min 20m/min
Maximum reaming hole diameter 600mm 600mm 750mm 800mm 800mm
Drill rod length (single) 3m 3m 3m 3m 3m
Drill pipe diameter 60mm 60m 73mm 73mm 73mm
Drill pipe diameter 10-23° 10-22° 10-23° 10-20° 10-20°
Maximum mud flow 160L/min 250L/min 320L/min 320L/min 320L/min
Maximum mud pressure 100bar 80bar 80bar 80bar 80bar
Overall quality 6700kg 8500kg 12500kg 11500kg 11200kg
Dimensions (length*width*height) 5700*1820*2400mm 6400*2270*2340mm 7100*2260*2450mm 7100*2250*2450mm 7662*2162*2450mm

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hdd driling rig machine for sale
hdd driling rig machine for sale

horizontal directional drilling
horizontal directional drilling

Features of Mini Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

  1. It has a wide range of applications and strong usable characteristics. Horizontal directional drilling rig is suitable for use in soil conditions such as clay, gravel soil, and sandy soil; it can be laid with a steel wire hose (PVC, PE, etc.) seamless pipe or cast iron pipe, and the diameter of the pipe is between DN40 and DN2000. The length can be more than 100m.
  2. The rational layout of the drilling rig is flexible. The entire process of opening the hole can be carried out in the middle of the pre-dug reminder pit and the receiving pit or it can immediately drill from soil layer to layer at a small angle on the site where the drilling rig is installed.
  3. The precise machining of construction machinery and equipment can take into account the control requirements of the pipeline elevation
  4. The whole construction process does not generate noise or dust, does not damage the geological structure, and meets various requirements of ecological environment protection.
  5. The flexible entry and exit of mechanical equipment reduce costs, and the construction speed is faster.
  6. It is suitable for pipeline construction in areas where high formwork or complex pipelines are not allowed, such as highways, especially in new projects that cross rivers.


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Small directional boring machine
Small directional boring machine

Small directional boring machine
Small directional boring machine

Auger boring machine Manufacturer

YG Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine adopts full hydraulic control and power drive technology to realize the functions of drilling tools such as rotation, propulsion, back expansion, back dragging, and driving of traveling devices. It is mainly used for crossing roads, railways, buildings, rivers, and in downtown areas, Under conditions that are not easy to excavate, such as cultural relics protection areas, crop, and vegetation protection areas, laying or updating pipelines for water supply, gas, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, and oil.

Besides auger boring machine, YG Machinery provides also crawler type water well drilling rigCore Drilling RigRotary drilling rigSmall Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale, etc.

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