Small Plate Compactor

The small plate compactor is mainly used for tamping foundation and asphalt road surface. It is suitable for material with low adhesion and friction between particles. The powerful impact force of the small compactor is driven by high-speed rotation of the engine, and transmitted from the belt to the body by the automatic clutch.

Plate Compactor for Sale
Plate Compactor for Sale

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Features :

  1. Quality assurance, superior performance, easy to operate.
  2. The vibrating bottom plate is made of ductile iron, which is resistant to vibration and vibration.
  3. Adopt the HONDA gasoline engine, renowned NSK bearing, and MITSUBOSHI V-belt, ensure the working performance of the machine.
  4. The surface is sprayed, beautiful, rust, and corrosion-resistant.
  5. Improve the quality and efficiency of back-filling works and road construction.

Parameters :

Model YG-60 YG-90
Power 5.5kW 5.5kW
Excitation Force 10.5km 13 km
Compaction Depth 20cm 30cm
Travel Speed 4cm/s 4cm/s
Efficiency 450㎡/h 660㎡/h
Size 800*100*1080mm 850*500*1100mm
Weight 62kg 83kg
Climbing Ability ≤20°


In general, the performance of the small compactor is mainly affected by the quality of the whole machine, exciting force, and excitation frequency. The exciting force is mainly used to maintain the forced vibration of the compacted material, and excitation frequency affects compaction efficiency and the degree of compaction directly. That is, in the same exciting force condition, the higher the excitation frequency, the higher the compaction efficiency. Soil compaction equipment is mainly used for the compaction of engineering foundations, curbs and asphalt pavements in roads, municipalities, buildings, water conservancy, and other fields.

Electric Vibration Plate Compactor
Electric Vibration Plate Compactor

Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale
Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale

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Parameters :

Model YG-120 YG-150
Power 3KW 4KW
Excitation Force 16km 20km
Compaction Depth 30cm 30cm
Travel Speed 6-16m/min 6-16m/min
Frequency 48HZ 48HZ
Compacted Area 450*420mm 300*420mm
Weight 125kg 150kg
Climbing Ability ≤20°

Scope of Work

A small compactor is suitable for compaction of sand, gravel, asphalt sand, lean concrete, and clay. It is widely used in road construction, bridge foundation, house construction, dam reservoir, farmland reservoir implementation, especially for the construction of indoor, narrow yards, courtyards, construction tasks that cannot be completed by large and medium-sized compaction machinery.

Tamping Rammer Compactor
Tamping Rammer Compactor

Soil Tamping Rammer
Soil Tamping Rammer

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Model YG-80 YG-90 YG-110
Jump Height 45-65mm 40-65mm 40-65mm
Impact times 420-650/min 420-650/min 420-650/min
Impact energy 60N.m 80N.m 100N.m
Power 3kW 2.2kW 3kW
Weight 80kg 90kg 110kg
Forward Speed 10-13m/min 10-13m/min 10-13m/min
Ram plate size 330*280mm 330*280mm 330*280mm


  1. It can compact different soil and asphalt pavement.
  2. The specially designed muffler cover reduces the noise generated by the engine and floor.
  3. The shock-absorbing guide handle reduces operator fatigue.
  4. The bottom plate is made of the wear-resistant steel plate and outer rubber to extend the service life.
  5. Equipped with Honda gasoline engine, aluminum alloy casing.
  6. Suitable for compaction in narrow areas.

The small compactor is ideal for small area operation, the vertical deformation of the subgrade surface can reach more than 10cm. The machine significantly increases the backfilling density, speeds up backfill in a specific range. Plate vibrators are widely used in bridges, road surfaces, and support structures. It is also suitable for compression work such as local excavation and partial or semi-filling of narrow areas.

Impact Rammer
Impact Rammer

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What are the Safety Requirements when Operating a Small Plate Compactor?

  1. Make sure that all connected parts are not damaged.
  2. Check the circuit and ground wire is connected correctly. In particular, the eccentric and pulley are securely installed and reliable.
  3. Add enough lubricant in advance to resist the influence of the internal combustion engine, improve the flexibility of the controller, and work efficiency.
  4. The cable surface insulation must be perfect and handle the damaged area carefully.
  5. Operators should wear insulated gloves and shoes to prevent electric shock.
  6. After turning on the power, check the direction of the motor rotation.
  7. Do not work on frozen soil, hard rock, and masonry.

During the construction process, it is necessary to increase the soil density, and the tamping can be repeated without moving back and forth.

Ground Compactor
Ground Compactor

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Why the Small Plate Compactor is an Essential Tool?

The subgrade is a very important part of road engineering. The subgrade is a geotechnical structure that is often invaded and destroyed by changes in natural conditions such as geology, water, rainfall, climate, earthquakes, etc.. Its resistance is poor. Therefore, the roadbed should have sufficient robustness, stability, and durability. The sufficient stability and durability of landscape projects, sidewalks, driveways, and roadways are essential, the quality of roadbed directly determines the quality of the road surface. Deficient compaction of the soil and base material can easily cause uneven surfaces, which ultimately lead to safety issues and an unattractive road surface.

A vibrating small compactor is driven by hand, powered by the engine, which provides powerful vibratory compaction effort to soil and asphalt via a bottom-mounted steel plate. Impact compaction is high-frequency alternating shock and variable force compaction. The weight of the machine and the vibrations of the plate thump the material tightly together and prevent air from entering the material.

How to Choose the Right Small Plate Compactor?

You should consider a number of factors when you are searching for the correct machine. Only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones. A better choice will help you save time and money. Considering your base material is an important step.

If you are in an area with cohesive soil or soil with fine particles and a mix of clay and silt, the provides enough force to compact the soil to a solid base. If you are in an area with granular soil, or larger particles such as sand, gravel, and rock, the can meet your requirements. YG machinery has a professional technical team to help you choose the right machine and solve your problems in road construction engineering.

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