The hydraulic jack uses hydraulic power to lift or move heavy objects. In pipe jacking, it can be used to push pipes of all sizes and through a variety of soil conditions.

Choose the model suitable for your business

The pipe jack is a kind of jack suitable for excavation of various soil types. Mainly used in large buildings. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast jacking speed, small ground settlement after work, flexible use, reliable main shaft sealing, and long service life.

Pushing Force100T150T200T300T
Cylinder Dia.150mm200mm220mm360mm
Rod Dia.110mm140mm160mm250mm
Steering jacks5.5kw/7.5kw5.5/7.5kw7.5-22kw11-30kw

What can be used for the hydraulic power jack?

  1. Bridge jacking,
  2. Tunnel jacking (pipe jacking).
  3. Installation and debugging of heavy equipment.
  4. Hull jacking, screw loading and unloading and main engine installation in the shipping industry.
  5. Production and installation of large-tonnage presses.
  6. Raise the building and move the existing building.
  7. Synchronous press, horizontal load movement, etc.

Main structure

  • Mainly composed of two double-acting hydraulic cylinders.
  • One hydraulic pump station, equipped with a diesel engine pump station and an electric motor pump station respectively.
  • Two support plates are used to fix the machine and support the pit wall.
  • Push rod and pull head: their function is to push in and pull back to expand the hole.


  1. Adopt computer remote full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual control.
  2. The pipe jacking system adopts a fully hydraulic proportional control system.
  3. Use laser positioning and navigation technology to automatically correct deviations to ensure the quality of the pipe jacking project.
  4. Use well-known electrical components, hydraulic parts, reducers, and sensors to ensure product quality.
  5. Use soft start to reduce interference to the power grid and impact on mechanical transmission.

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How does the hydraulic jack work?

Hydraulic jacks are typically connected to a power source, such as a hydraulic pump or tractor. The power source provides the hydraulic fluid that powers the jack. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized and forced into the jack, which extends the piston rod. The piston rod pushes against the load, which is lifted or moved.

Hydraulic jacks are an essential tool for pipe jacking contractors. They are powerful, versatile, and easy to operate. If you are a pipe jacking contractor, you should invest in a high-quality hydraulic jack.

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