Viktor from German bought a folding container house from YG Machinery.

Collapsible houses for sale

This house can be disassembled and reassembled. Foldable, quick to install and easy to transport. The foldable prefab house can be installed in 3 minutes. Its unique advantages have replaced prefabricated houses.

Widely used in: construction sites, project departments, offices and other places.

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Video – How to install

Why you should buy foldable tiny house made by YG Machinery?

1. Transportation advantages

The product specifications are: 3 * 6 meters wide * 2.65 meters high, 40 cm foldable, saving more than 80% of transportation costs, breaking the limitation that traditional containers can only pull one set, the foldable container can hold 7-10 sets (a 17-meter flat car can pull 20 sets).

2. Safe and efficient

Easy and fast installation, the safety factor reaches the highest goal, mold drawing, quick entry, saving time and effort.

3. Stable structure

The entire set of frame profiles is a large-scale high-frequency welding machine formed in one go. It has no errors, a multi-faceted structure, high strength, saves process and labor costs.

4. Transport

A 40-foot container can pack 10 sets of folding houses. It saves transportation costs and high manual installation fees. It meets all customs quality inspection conditions, is quickly installed on site, can be used repeatedly, and has a lifespan of more than 15 years. It has been recognized and favored by international friends from all over the world.

Why the foldable house is popular?

The built-in kitchen, bathroom, electrical circuits, pipelines and air conditioning are almost all completed before shipment from the factory. So when it arrives at the designated location, it only takes a few hours to unfold the modular house, lock the foundation and connect water and electricity, and it will be ready for habitation.

Get your portable folding container house now

The thickness and size of the product can be customized according to customer requirements. This product only requires the workers to install all screws. It greatly saves transportation costs and reduces labor costs. The box has an elegant appearance and quality assurance for easy transportation and storage. It is good choice for thoses who need portable folding houses.

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