XYX-3 water well drilling machine Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale
XYX-3 water well drilling machine

Days ago, Engr Joseph from the Philippines was interested in our water borehole drilling machine for sale. He wanted a quotation and the cost of freight to the port. Our sales staff contacted him and confirmed the drilling depth and hole diameter. In the end, our sales manager recommended XYX-3 trailer-mounted water well drilling rigs according to his requirements.

XYX-3 Water borehole drilling machine for sale is mainly used for water wells, comprehensive geological surveys, concrete structure holes, road and high-rise building foundation exploration, river embankments, roadbed grouting, direct injection Pulp, civil wells, ground temperature central air-conditioning, etc. Click here to request a free quote.

Parameter of XYX-3 Water Borehole Drilling Machine:

Technical ParameterModelXYX-3
Drilling Depth (m)600
Open Hole Diameter (mm)325
Final Hole Diameter(mm)75
Drill Pipe Diameter(mm)60
Drill Pipe Inclination (°)90-75
Power (kW)13.2
Weight (kg)3600
WinchMax Pull Force(kg)3000
Pull Speed(m/min)0.3-1.9
Rope Diameter(mm)12.5
Roll Capacity(m)65
Drill MastRated Load(ton)18
Mud PumpMud PumpBW-250
Work Pressure80kg/cm²
HoseInlet Hose Diameter(mm)76
Outlet Hose Diameter(mm)51
Xyx-3 Wheeled Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig Water Well Drilling Rig
Xyx-3 Wheeled Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig Water Well Drilling Rig

Series of Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale

YG Machinery, as a professional manufacturer of portable water well drilling rigs, we have a series of full models of small water borehole drilling rigs machine. In addition to HY-240E Electric hydraulic Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale, we also have other models for you to choose from, such as HY-180 Single-phase folding water well drilling rig, HY-180B Single-phase electric telescopic water well drilling machine, ZX-220 Gasoline hydraulic water well drilling rig, ZX-280 Diesel hydraulic water well drilling machine, HY120 water well drilling rig, HY-240 High-power electric folding water well drilling rig, and HY-350 Three-phase folding water well drilling machine, etc.

It is suitable for a variety of working environments, with moderate price and high work efficiency. If you want to buy a water well drilling machine, please click below for more information on the price of the Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale.

Water Well Drilling Equipment for Sale
Water Well Drilling Equipment for Sale

HY-180 & HY-180B Parameter

ModelHY-180 Single-phase Folding Water Well Drilling RigHY-180B Single-phase Electric Telescopic Water Well Drilling Rig
Opening Hole Diameter80-200mm80-200mm
Drilling Depth80m-100m80m-100m
Drill Pipe Diameterφ42mmφ42mm
Drill Pipe Length1.5m1.5m
Motor Power1.5kw-2kw1.5kw-2kw
Pump Power2.2kw2.2kw
Lifting Force500kg500kg

Zx-220 & ZX-280 Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale Parameter

ModelZX-220 Gasoline Hydraulic Water Well Drilling MachineZX-280 Diesel Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Machine
Opening Hole Diameter0-280mm0-280mm
Drilling Depth120m120m
Drill Pipe Diameterφ51mmφ51mm
Drill Pipe Length1.5m1.5m
Motor Power4kw4kw
Pump Power2.2kw2.2kw
Lifting Force800kg800kg

HY-120 & HY-240 & HY-350 Water Borehole Drilling Machine for Sale Parameter

ModelHY-120 Single-phase Tank Type Water Well Drill RigHY-240 Single-phase High-power Electric Folding Water Well Drill RigHY-350 Three-phase Folding Water Well Drill Rig
Opening Hole Diameter0-120mm0-240mm350mm
Drilling Depth100m100m100m
Drill Pipe Diameterφ42mmφ51mmφ51mm
Drill Pipe Length1.5m1.5m1.5m
Motor Power4kw4kw3kw
Pump Power2.2kw2.2kw2.2kw
Lifting Force500kg500kg1000kg

Related Products

YG Machinery has many kinds of construction machines. For example, a crawler water well drilling machine, DTH drilling machine, core drilling machine, and many related drill tools, mortar pump, mud pump, and concrete pumps. YG Machinery will be your ideal choice to get a water well drilling machine.

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