During marking construction, first, use a hot-melt kettle/Thermoplastic preheater to heat and stir the powdered paint until the hot melt becomes liquid. Then put the paint into the marking machine for marking construction. Since the melting quality of the paint is directly related to the quality of the marking line, the hot melt kettle is a key component of the hot melt marking equipment. It is an essential part of the paint melting.

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Double Cylinder Hydraulic Thermoplastic Preheater

YG800/YG1000/YG1200 Double cylinder hydraulic preheater is used for hot melt road line paint projects. The equipment adopts multi-channel integrated hydraulic transmission with step-less variable speed and strong torque to ensure high performance and heavy load operation. It can stir in forward and reverse directions.

Technical Infos

  • Kettle capacity: 360*2KG/500*2KG/600*2KG
  • Hydraulic transmission system: multi-channel integrated hydraulic control valve, forward and reverse mixing, stepless speed change
  • Hydraulic motor: BM type
  • Hydraulic oil tank volume: 40 liters
  • Stainless Steel Bowl, High Carbon Steel Bottom, Stand Up Paddle Mixer
  • Structure: frame structure. The insulation material is installed between the inner tank and the outer wall of the kettle
  • Heating system: liquefied petroleum gas, imported four-ring high-efficiency energy-saving burner, direct-injection stove head burner, or strip-shaped burner
  • Safety device: specially designed overload overflow device to prevent misoperation
  • Size: YG800: 1750X1620X1570mm | YG1000: 1750X1620X1700mm | YG1200: 1850X1820X1700mm
  • Weight: YG800: 700kg | YG1000: 1000kg | YG1200: 1200kg


  1. High combustion efficiency: High-efficiency energy-saving burner with direct injection fire.
  2. Save time and energy.
  3. High melting efficiency.
  4. Long continuous working time
  5. Simple operation
  6. Convenient maintenance

Hydraulic Single Cylinder Hot Melt Kettle

The hydraulic single-cylinder hot-melt kettle adopts hydraulic transmission mode, an independent cylinder body, imported high-efficiency, and an energy-saving direct-fire burner. It is suitable for marking lines of small-scale engineering construction in parking lots, property communities, factories, enterprises, docks, and other places.


  1. High melting efficiency
  2. Small size
  3. Lightweight
  4. Convenient transportation

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Hydraulic single cylinder hot melt kettle
Hydraulic single cylinder hot melt kettle

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