A construction company in Singapore was tasked with demolishing an old building. The building was made of concrete and reinforced steel, which made it difficult to demolish using traditional methods. The construction company decided to use a hydraulic wire saw machine to cut through the concrete and steel. Then they found YG Machinery on the Internet and purchased a wire saw machine with 200m rope.

The wire saw machine was a hydraulically powered machine that used a thin, diamond-impregnated wire to cut through the concrete and steel. The wire saw machine was able to cut through the concrete and steel quickly and efficiently, without damaging the surrounding structures.

The wire saw machine was a success in demolishing the old building. The construction company was able to complete the demolition project on time and within budget.

What is a hydraulic wire saw machine?

Hydraulic wire saw machines are versatile tools that can be used to cut through a variety of materials. They are a safe and efficient way to cut through concrete, steel, rock, glass, and other hard materials.

hydraulic wire asw machine


Here are some other applications of wire saw machines:

  • A quarry company can use a wire saw machine to cut through large boulders of granite.
  • A marine construction company can use a wire saw machine to cut through underwater pipelines.
  • A shipyard can use a wire saw machine to cut through large steel plates.
  • A glass manufacturer can use a hydraulic wire saw to cut through sheets of glass.
hydraulic wire saw usage

Outstanding advantages

  1. Combined with many years of construction experience, we independently developed a new generation of fully automatic reinforced concrete cutting equipment, which is very suitable for cutting complex sections.
  2. Imported power station for high-speed cutting, pump station imported from Italy, special motor specially customized by domestic joint venture motor factory, strong power, high-speed cutting; static demolition, vibration-free demolition, without damaging the surrounding structure of the object to be demolished.
  3. Aviation material, lightweight and anti-fall, aviation frame aluminum alloy profile, high strength, light and anti-fall, not afraid of water, not afraid of dust, resistant to pressure and impact.
  4. Portable vertical structure, can be operated by one person, can be freely disassembled, multi-angle cutting, safe and labor-saving.
  5. Efficient cutting, straight and neat. The hydraulic wire saw has no vibration, low noise and accurate positioning when working.
  6. During construction, ensure that the cuts are straight and neat, without trimming, and can be cut on reinforced concrete, ceramics, and glass. Remote handle control, light weight and small size

In conclusion

Hydraulic wire saw machine, single-person operable, portable vertical all-aluminum, realizes various cutting of thicker concrete, is suitable for cutting, demolishing and repairing concrete walls, bridges, and pillars, etc., and is suitable for densely packed reinforced concrete It is capable of cutting structures from 30 to 50 meters underwater, and can meet cutting depths that cannot be reached by wall saws.

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