Air Disinfection Machine

Air disinfection machine is indispensable equipment for indoor infection prevention. Judging from the current good form, as long as people are wearing correct masks in public places, the feasibility of infection has been greatly reduced. With the orderly advancement of resumption of work and resumption of production, indoor protection is more important, and air quality problems can easily cause cross-infection. Therefore, it is very necessary to buy an air disinfection machine during this period.

Medical Air Disinfection Machine for Sale
Air Disinfection Machine

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Technical Parameter of Air Disinfection Machine:

Product name Air Disinfection Machine (Mobile)
Power supply AC220V ± 10%, frequency 50HZ ± 1%
Dimensions 55CM * 43C ** 88CM
Maximum output power 180W
Maximum disinfection space 120m
Disinfection time ≤2 hours
Maximum circulating air volume 10002 / h
Noise ≤50db
Sterilization factor low-temperature plasma
Air dust filtering method medium efficiency
Disinfection effect The decay rate of natural bacteria in air is 90%
Disinfection method Dynamic disinfection, man-machine coexistence, no secondary pollution
Working environment Temperature: -10 ‘℃ -40 ℃, humidity≤85%

Air Disinfection Machine for Sale

The air disinfection machine adopts plasma air antivirus technology, and its antivirus device is mainly composed of a coiled tube surrounded by a strong plasma field. When the indoor air is sucked into the device by the fan and flows through the plasma coil tube, it can release electricity through the plasma field to kill or inactivate a wide range of air pathogens; at the same time, it can be destroyed by the DNA level within a few seconds to achieve rapid Inactivation, safety without leaving hidden dangers, is the only technology that can instantly kill airborne viruses and pathogens.

Air Disinfection Purifier
Air Disinfection Purifier

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The Solution for Perfect Air Quality-Air Disinfection Machine

If you want to achieve perfect air quality, the medical air disinfection purifier is the key. It can not only purify the room air but also exert the power of disinfection and sterilization. The sterilization ability reaches more than 99%, and can effectively remove odor and maintain fresh indoor air. Create an ideal hygienic indoor environment. YG machinery provides you with more types of disinfection machines for you to choose from, such as fog sprayer machine, fogging sanitizer machine, disinfection channel, disinfection robot, electrostatic backpack sprayer, disinfection door, and so on.

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Advantage of Medical Air Disinfection Machine:

  1. High-efficiency sterilization: Plasma sterilization has a good effect and short-acting time, which can not be achieved by high-intensity ultraviolet rays.
  2. Environmental protection: The plasma sterilizer works continuously without generating ultraviolet rays and ozone, avoiding secondary pollution to the environment.
  3. Efficient degradation: can also sterilize the air while degrading harmful and toxic gases in the air, and remove odors. The test report of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention shows that the degradation tare within 24 hours: formaldehyde 91% benzene 93%, 78% ammonia, 96% xylene. At the same time, it can efficiently remove pollutants such as smoke and smoke.
  4. Low energy consumption: the power consumption of the medical air disinfection machine only 1/3 of that of the ultraviolet disinfection machine. The consumption rate is reduced, energy is saved, and the service life is long.
  5. The activated carbon filters can effectively remove harmful substances in the air, such as benzene and formaldehyde.
  6. Large ventilation, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, low noise, and has a good cleaning effect.
Disinfection Air Purifier
Disinfection Air Purifier

Product Details
Product Details

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Application Places of Air Disinfection Machine:

  1. Laboratories, scientific research institutes, and other sanitation and disinfection places.
  2. Various public indoor places and confined spaces such as pharmaceutical factories, food factories, production workshops, etc.
  3. Various confined spaces such as libraries, banks, archives, offices, etc.
  4. Hospital: general ward, infusion hall, outpatient clinic, etc.
  5. Classrooms, kindergartens, home interiors, game halls, training centers, hotels.
Use the Venue
Use the Venue

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 Description of Medical Air Sanitizer Machine:

  1. Using micro-control and sensing technology, the product realizes fully automated and intelligent operations.
  2. High static pressure and low noise centrifugal fan, large circulating air volume, high working efficiency, with three wind speed options: high, medium, and low.
  3. Dual control of panel operation and remote control operation, with the function of appointment, switch on / off time.
  4. It has the working status display of electrostatic field, fan, negative ion generator, etc., and the automatic alarm function of failure.
  5. With automatic protection of fan temperature rise failure, automatic alarm when the filter screen arrives, automatic cleaning prompt, and automatic accumulation maintenance alarm function.
Air Sanitizer Machine
Air Sanitizer Machine

Eliminate Substances
Eliminate Substances

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Matters Needing Attention in Air Disinfection Machine

  1. Keep the disinfection machine clean and dry. Wipe the surface with a rag. Avoid direct contact with water or rinsing.
  2. When the sterilizer is working, it is strictly prohibited to make objects or hands close to the vent of the sterilizer, and avoid collision or falling to the ground when loading or unloading.
  3. When it is found that the disinfection machine works abnormally, the power supply should be turned off immediately, and the power plug is pulled out, and then the abnormality is checked.
  4. Check the filter screen regularly, clean the filter screen, it is forbidden to clean the filter screen with a brush or the like, and the water temperature is forbidden to exceed 40 degrees to prevent the filter screen from deforming. After washing, prevent drying in a cool place.
  5. There should not be any covering above the disinfection machine.
  6. Whether it is static disinfection or dynamic continuous disinfection, doors and windows need to be closed.
  7. The disinfection machine has a certain use time, should be checked regularly, and repaired immediately if there is any abnormality.

Air Disinfection Machine Manufacturer-YG Machinery

To be precise, due to the outbreak of epidemics worldwide, various disinfection equipment and epidemic prevention products have become popular products.  YG Machinery always adheres to the principle of “product first, customer first”, and has won praise and support from customers.  YG Machinery currently also sells intelligent disinfection door, glove making machinemask making machines, disinfection robotmedical oxygen concentrators, industrial oxygen concentrators, wet wipe machine, and meltblown machines. If necessary, please contact us!

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