The hand-push crack filling machine is a new type of road maintenance equipment, mainly used to repair road cracks. Because the crack sealing machine has a simple structure and is easy to operate, it can effectively repair cracks on the asphalt pavement. Asphalt pavement repaired with a hot asphalt crack filler machine is not only beautiful, but it can also greatly expand the interior of the road. The crack filling machine is suitable for filling hot asphalt on asphalt, concrete, and cement roads.

YG-60 hand-push crack filling machine

Road Crack Sealing Machine
  • Capacity: 60L
  • Engine: YAMAHA
  • Power: 650W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Heating Method: LPG
  • Heating Time: 30-50 minutes
  • Output Speed: 1-11L
  • Walk Way: Hand push
  • Dimension: 1500 * 970 * 1180mm
  • Weight: 202kg

YG-50 hand-push crack filling machine

Solar Crack Filler machine
  • Filling Capacity: 50L
  • Discharge method: Self flow
  • Heating method: Liquefied gas
  • Temperature: Temperature sensor 180 °
  • Filling speed: 10m/min
  • Walking mode: Push-type + brake device
  • Mixing method: Manual mixing
  • Power: Solar panels+ batteries
  • Dimensions: 1200*700*1200mm
  • Weight: 120kg

Features of Hand Push Crack Filling Machine

  1. Small filling and sealing machine adopts liquefied gas heating system and heat-conducting oil circulate, so as to make asphalt or crack pouring sealant melt quickly.
  2. The discharge flow of the asphalt filling joint is adjustable, and the pump discharges the material, so as to achieve the effect of crack treatment.
  3. Pressure-injection grouting makes the asphalt material and the crack tightly combined.
  4. Flexible swivel wheels track cracks, making the grouting effect beautiful.
  5. The crack filling machine adopts an electronic ignition system, automatic heating, and temperature control. It can save energy and time, ensure long-term service.
  6. Because the joint material is easy to solidify when the temperature is low. The hot asphalt crack filler machine uses a gasoline generator to provide power. The asphalt crack sealing machine uses a constant temperature control system at the discharge pipe, so as to avoid scorching and aging of the material and ensure smooth discharge.

Importance of Crack Filling Machine

Cracks are a common disease in asphalt pavements. Due to traffic, environmental factors, and the effects of paving materials and structures, cracks can form and expand over time. After the crack is formed, rainwater enters the base layer through the crack. Under the action of the working load, the rain will wash away the structural layers and cause damage. Squeeze or loosen the base layer, eventually creating cracks and pits on the pavement.

Pavement cracks not only affect road aesthetics and driving comfort but also shorten road life. An asphalt crack sealing machine is used to process crack widths of 3-25mm. The special crack filling machine has good adhesion and deformability, can prevent water from entering the crack, and has certain durability. The grouting process is low in cost, effectively delaying further damage to the pavement and extending road life.

Concrete Grooving Machine

Asphalt crack repair equipment is usually used with road slotting machines. The pavement grooving machine is mainly used for grooving in the treatment of cracks on asphalt and cement pavement. The special blade quickly cuts irregular cracks into uniform grooves, and forms a new bonding surface. Optimize the contact level between the filling material and the slot, and strengthen the tightness.

Asphalt Grooving Machine
  • Model: YG-180
  • Motor: GX390
  • Blade Diameter: 150mm/180mm
  • Slot Depth: 50mm
  • Slot Width: 8-10mm
  • Cutting Speed: 5-8m/min
  • Speed of the Main shaft: 5200r/min
  • Speed of Motor: 520r/min
  • Dimensions: 980*660*800mm
  • Weight: 80kg

Features of Road Grooving Machine

  1. Gasoline power, flexible movement, free from power limitation.
  2. The universal wheel can change the slotting angle arbitrarily with the direction of the crack.
  3. The leveling frame is made of thicker material to ensure the strength of the whole machine.
  4. A wide selection of blades for cutting different shapes.
  5. It has the advantages of small size, flexible travel, and high reliability and efficiency.

Crack Filling Machine Working Principle

The asphalt grooving machine is powered by a powerful Honda gasoline engine, which drives the spindle to rotate at high speed through a V-belt. Raise and lower the main shaft by hand and cut the cracks. The front walking wheel adopts a universal wheel so that the whole machine can groove according to the curve crack. Fan pages can also clean the dust after slotting, so as to achieve the multi-purpose. A concrete grooving machine is a special machine for repairing cracks and grooves on asphalt pavements.

How to Fill Cracks?

  1. The pavement slotting machine grooves the crack, adjust the slotting width and depth of the grooving machine. And advance along the middle of the crack, cutting both sides of the crack. Remove the aging material at the edge of the crack, expose the new surfaces on both sides.
  2. Road blower sweeps the cracks, and cleans up the dust and debris in the cracks, so as to ensure the cracks are clean.
  3. Check whether the crack is wet. If it is wet, use a hot air spray gun to dry the crack.
  4. The crack filling machine heats and stirs the asphalt jointing glue to 185 ℃ -195 ℃, making it melt completely. Then transport the hot asphalt by the pump and pour it into the cracks. The pouring work should be performed continuously. The asphalt crack sealer machine fills the joint material from bottom to top and avoids creating bubbles in the lower part of the filler. After the cracks are poured, the traffic is generally opened after the asphalt pavement joint has fully solidified, which usually takes about 20 minutes.

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