Good news! 4 sets of YG-503 candy floss vending machine exported to South Africa. Check here the feedback of this client from south africa and the machine specifications. Contact us to get the fairy floss vending machine price.

What the customer says?

Wow, I must say, investing in the YG Cotton Candy Vending Machine has been an incredible decision for my business here in South Africa. This machine has truly exceeded my expectations and brought a delightful experience to both my customers and me.

Jack,successfully paid back after 45 days.
cotton candy vending machine price

YG Cotton Candy Vending Machine for Sale

This fully automatic cotton candy vending machine can make 32 different flower cotton candys.

It can work for 24 hours.

You can place it anywhere with a lot of people.

Invest this cotton candy machine in mall. Be your own boss and increase your income easily.

You can get payback in two months.

Candy Floss Vending Machine

The flower cotton candy vending machine can support types of payements, including cash, coins, credit cards, debit cards, or mobile payment methods like NFC, to provide a more convenient shopping experience.

Check the cotton candy vending machine price in Denmark.

cotton candy machine for sale

Why we call it cotton candy?

Cotton candy is a soft candy, loose and porous, with a certain degree of elasticity and toughness. It is named after its taste and texture are similar to cotton. It is made by pouring white sugar into a cotton candy machine to make sugar strands, and then using a stick to wrap the sugar strands. It melts in the mouth. The sugar strands are very similar to cotton wadding, hence the name.

How is made the cotton candy?

Below is the working principle of the candy floss vending machine:

Step 1. Prepare and heat the sugar.

According to the patterns you want to make, prepare and put the sugar in the machine. Then the machine will use high temperature (about 150 degrees or more) to melt sugar into a liquid state.

Step 2. Make the cotton candy.

When the sugar rotates at high speed in the heating chamber, centrifugal force sprays the syrup from the small holes to the surroundings of the “big bowl”. The syrup sprayed from the small holes will immediately condense into solid sugar strands. Then the robot will use a stick to wrap the sugar thread around it. The basic cotton candy is ready.

Step 3. Sprinkle some ingredients.

After the marshmallow is made, the robotic arm will take the marshmallow to the position where the small material device is installed, and then start to rotate, and the small material will begin to be evenly sprinkled on the marshmallow. The various toppings are all kinds of fine dried fruits and chocolate powder, etc. The taste is more pure. Roll it up and dip it in it, which is delicious and fun.

Why you should invest an automatic cotton candy machine business?

Cotton candy bring infinite fun to our lives. The advent of colored cotton candy machines has made marshmallows come in more and more colors, bringing people fantasy and joy of color.

No restrictions on business premises.

It can be operated at night markets, in front of schools, in pedestrian streets, in front of supermarkets, in snack streets, at bus stations, at train stations, in communities, at tourist attractions, in parks, and anywhere with a lot of people!

Unlimited operating hours, it can work 24 hours per day. And anytime, no matter which season, there will always buyers. There is no off-season or peak season for this business.

No restrictions on business methods: You can open a “colorful marshmallow shop” or a mobile stall. Of course, you can add another profitable project to your existing business.

Coin operated cotton candy machine factory

YG Machinery has more than 10 years experiences in this field. We have a professional service team and are always innovating. We offer 7/24 online after-sales services.

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