Looking for a profitable venture? Explore the world of automatic cotton candy vending machine for sale. With low operational costs and high potential returns, the cotton candy vending machine becomes a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

automatic cotton candy machine price

Automatic Candy Floss Vending Machine for Sale

We offer automatic cotton candy vending machine.

  • Able to make 32 patterns of candy
  • Payment supported: Coin / Bill / Credit Card
  • 110 languages support.
  • Offer branding services.

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Invest in our cotton candy vending machines and witness over 85% of customers recouping their initial investment within just 3-5 months. Start your profitable venture today!

YG Automatic Cotton Candy Vending Machine

The cotton candy robot vending machine can be placed in shopping molls, pedestrian streets, parks, etc. The client can make the cotton candy easily in 4 steps. It is one of the best ways to make money from home.

Candy floss vending machine for sale price in South Africa.

Automatic candy floss machine

Choose your magic cotton candy vending machine

cotton candy vending machine for sale

Where you can place the automatic cotton candy robot machine?

These machines can be placed in high-traffic areas, attracting customers with their colorful displays and enticing aroma. 

For example, shopping malls, movie theaters, arcades, and various other public spaces.

Cotton candy pattern that the machine can make

Easy to operate in 4 steps

Step 1. On the display screen, choose a cotton candy pattern you like.

Step 2. Select the payment mode with banknotes, coins or credit card.

Step 3. The machine will start making your cotton candy. Just wait about 1 minute.

Step 4. When finished, simply open the door and savor the sweetness of freshly made cotton candy.

automatic candy floss machine

Should I invest cotton candy vending machine business?

Seeking a profitable business venture? Look no further than a cotton candy vending machine for sale. Here is an invest return display:

Delivery pointsWeekend / Holidays
Scenic spotsCommercial PlazaPedestrian StreetParkAmusement ParkMarket
Suggested Price (CNY)201515151510
Daily average 1201009010080120
Cost per cotton candy (CNY)111111
Daiy Income(CNY)240015001350150012001200
Delivery pointsMean Day
Scenic spotsCommercial PlazaPedestrian StreetParkAmusement ParkMarket
Suggested Price (CNY)201515151510
Daily average 605040504060
Cost per cotton candy (CNY)111111
Daiy Income(CNY)1200750600750600600
Summary of delivery pointsScenic spotsCommercial PlazaPedestrian StreetParkAmusement ParkMarket
Average daily income (CNY)1542964814964771771
Average daily profit (CNY)1465900760900720694
Average monthly income (CNY)462602892024420289202313023130
Monthly Porfit(CNY)439502700022800270002160020820

So what are you looking for? Step into the world of sweet entrepreneurship with a cotton candy vending machine for sale.

Why choose YG Automatic candy floss machine?

It takes only two minutes to make the flower shape and one minute to make the ordinary round shape.

Enjoy flexible payment options with our cotton candy vending machines. Choose from 110 currencies, and note that you can easily convert the money when moving to different regions.

YG Cotton candy vending machine for sale are designed for simplicity and ease of use. They come with user-friendly interfaces and automated processes, requiring minimal effort from the operator.

Additionally, these machines are built to be durable and low-maintenance, reducing the need for constant repairs or technical assistance.

Our cotton candy floss vending machine have been exported to many countries, including Serbia, Mexico, Japan, USA, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Switzerland, Denmark, etc.


Revolutionize your confectionery business with cotton candy vending machine for sale. Experience convenience, customization, and enhanced hygiene. Invest in a magic cotton candy vending machine today for high-profit potential in the sweetest industry transformation.

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