The industrial sandblasting room is an industrial equipment that ejects fine abrasives, such as sand, glass beads, steel shots, etc., through high-pressure jets to remove surface dirt, oxides, coatings, and markings. This process is called sandblasting or shot blasting and is a surface treatment technique.

Automatic Recycling Sand Blasting Booth / Dust Removal Sandblasting Room

Industrial Sand blasting room has been widely used in many industrial fields, they can improve the surface quality of objects, enhance the adhesion of objects, prolong the service life of objects, and improve production efficiency.

Technical Parameters

Max. Workpiece size (L*W*H)7*3.5*2.5 m
Max. Workpiece weightMax. 5 T
Finish levelCan achieve Sa2-2 .5 (GB8923-88)
Processing speed30-60 m3/min (Operator starts different blasting guns quantity)
Surface roughness40~75 μ (Depending on abrasive size)
Suggest abrasiveGrinding steel shot, Φ0.5~1.5
Sand blasting room inside dimension (L*W*H)15*8*6 m
Electric power supply380V, 3P, 50HZ or customized
Warranty of core components1 Year
Pit requirementWaterproof

4 main functions of the industrial sandblasting room

  1. The first aspect is to improve the surface quality. The sandblasting room can effectively remove the dirt and oxides on the surface of the object, thereby improving the surface finish and quality.
  2. The second aspect is to enhance the adhesion of the object. The sandblasting room can form tiny depressions and protrusions on the surface of the object, thereby increasing the friction coefficient and adhesion of the object surface and improving the adhesion of the coating.
  3. The third aspect is to prolong the service life of the object. By removing the oxides and corrosive substances on the surface of the object, the sandblasting room can prolong the service life of the object.
  4. The last aspect is to improve production efficiency. Using an industrial sandblasting room can quickly clean and process a large number of objects, improving production efficiency and processing speed.
Sandblasting Booth With Recycling System
Sandblasting Booth With Recycling System | Industrial Sandblasting Room

Mechanical recycling Industrial sandblasting room


  1. This system adopts mechanical power to recycle abrasives, sandblasting abrasives can be selected arbitrarily, abrasives can be recycled, and processing efficiency is high;
  2. This machine adopts two-stage dust removal, and its total dust removal efficiency is greatly improved;
  3. This machine is equipped with an adjustable air volume device in the system to ensure that the recycled sand will not enter the filter dust collector, reduce the loss of sand and achieve the ideal dust removal effect;
  4. The main electrical components are all imported products, with stable performance, safety and reliability, long service life, and simple maintenance;
  5. On the upper part of the front roof of the sandblasting room, it is equipped with a “sound and light alarm system” and in the sandblasting room, it is equipped with an emergency stop call button;
  6. The electronic control of each system adopts interlocking control. When one of the systems fails, the related systems will stop working and the spray gun will stop spraying.

The composition and structural characteristics

The industrial sandblasting room consists of the room body, electric roller shutter door, full curtain sorter, dust collector for the whole room, chimney, fan, dust collection device, sandblasting host, bucket elevator, horizontal screw conveyor, conveying system, ground Pit steel structure, electric control system, lighting system, air-conditioned sandblasting suit, fixed working platform and other parts.

Wind Recycling Sand Blasting Chamber

This kind of industrial sandblasting room adopts a honeycomb floor and pneumatic conveying principle, and the sand material is automatically recycled and recycled by using air power. It avoids the disadvantages of easy wear and high maintenance costs of winches, scrapers, chains, and bucket elevators in traditional sandblasting cabinets, and there is no need to dig deep pits, which greatly shortens the construction period and costs.

Due to the use of wind recovery, the fan sucks all the dusty and sandy air in the sandblasting (pill) room from top to bottom into the cyclone separator through the honeycomb sand suction floor; The circulating airflow from the bottom (the roof is equipped with a labyrinth air inlet) always suppresses the dust at the bottom of the room, greatly improving the air quality and visibility in the room, and improving the working environment of workers.

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The main purpose:

Surface treatment of large and super-large workpieces, such as heavy industrial locomotives, automobiles, carriages, racks, steel frame assemblies, and larger hardware daily necessities, etc.

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