Virus Sampling Tube

Virus sampling tubes are used to sample and transport microorganisms such as influenza virus, hand, foot, and mouth virus, and new coronary pneumonia. After the virus sample is collected, in order to maintain the viability of the virus sample and prolong the survival time of the virus in the sample, the sampling swab will be placed in the transport medium for storage and transportation. The collected samples are more convenient to meet the requirements of subsequent experiments. Of course, YG can provide you with a fogging sanitizer machine, disinfection door, blu ray anion nano spray gun, fog sprayer machine, and chlorine tablets for disinfection.

The virus sampling tubes that YG can provide can be divided into Inactivated (the inactivated type can inactivate the virus, retain the virus structure, and be used for nucleic acid detection.) Non-inactivated (non-inactivated is to retain the activity of the virus, which can be used for nucleic acid detection or virus to cultivate)

Product specifications: 3 to 6ml. (Refers to the volume of the preservation solution). One sampling tube is equipped with one sampling test piece. Sampling test pieces can also be added.

Virus Sampling Tube
Virus Sampling Tube

Disposable Virus Sampling Tube
Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

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Disposable Sampling Collection Tube with Swab For Sale

Product Name Disposable Virus Sampling Tube
Product Type Type A(Non-inactivated)  Type B(Inactivated)
Product Specification 2ML/2.5ML/3ML/3.5ML/5ML (Refers to the volume of the preservation solution)
Flocked Swab One or two
Product Include Disposable virus sampling tube, flocked swab, biosafety bag
PH 7.0-7.6 (At 20-25 Celsius, the PH of the preservation solution)
Osmotic pressure 262-354 mOsmol/K
Storage conditions 5-25 Celsius
Shelf life 12 months
Package 20 servings/box or 50 servings/box. 30 boxes/pack
MOQ 1 00 000 servings
Additional OEM is available

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Special Note:

  1. If the collected sample is used for virus nucleic acid detection, it needs to use a nucleic acid extraction kit and nucleic acid detection reagent; if it is used for virus isolation, it needs to use a cell culture medium.
  2. Different application fields have different requirements for the sampling of liquid volume. Please select the appropriate product according to the needs and use:

For virus sampling tubes to collect virus samples from clinical patients, the required liquid volume is generally 3.5ml or 5ml;

For virus sampling tube collection and short-term transportation of avian influenza virus from the outside environment, the required liquid volume is generally 5ml or 6ml.

Feature of Virus Sampling Tube:

  1. The sampling swab adopts a nylon fiber swab. It has outstanding sample collection and releases capabilities, and the release rate can reach 90%, which is much higher than that of fiber swabs.
  2. The sample solution is added with bovine serum albumin, which can protect the virus sample and improve the separation rate.
  3. The antibiotics in the sampling solution can effectively prevent bacterial and fungal contamination.
  4. It can be intuitively judged whether the virus sample is alive or not by the color change of the sample liquid.
  5. The storage solution of the sampling tube contains ingredients that can inactivate DNase and RNase and can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, delay cell lysis, and nucleic acid degradation. Under normal temperature transportation conditions, the collected samples can still meet the requirements after 48 hours. Testing needs.
Virus Sampling Tube Price
Virus Sampling Tube Price

virus collection tube for Sale
virus collection tube for Sale

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Instructions for Use of Virus Sampling Tube:

  1. Prepare a cup of water, drink about 50ml of water and rinse your mouth for about 10 seconds, spit it out, and repeat this step twice.
  2. After rinsing your mouth, do not drink water, eat, or smoke within 30 minutes.
  3. Open the outer packaging of the sampling tube, tear open the swab package at the arrow mark, and take out the swab (the distance between holding the swab rod should not exceed half of the swab rod).
  4. Put the swab head into the left mouth, use brushing force to rub the swab head against the inner wall of the left cheek up and down, while rotating the swab, let the swab head scrape as many oral cells as possible, repeat this action for half a minute.
  5. Extend the tip of the swab into the sampling tube 2-3cm, and break the swab rod.
  6. Put another swab head into the right mouth and repeat step 2) to scrape the buccal cells on the inner wall of the right cheek.
  7. Extend the tip of the swab into the sampling tube 2-3cm, and break the swab rod.
  8. Tighten the cap of the tube. Freshly collected clinical specimens should be transported to the laboratory within 48 hours at 2℃~8℃.

The collected specimens should be sent to the laboratory within 48 hours at 2-8°C. If they cannot be sent to the laboratory within 48 hours, they should be stored at -70°C or below. Specimens should be inoculated and separated as soon as possible after they are sent to the laboratory. They can be stored at 2-8°C within 48 hours after inoculation and separation. If it is not inoculated and separated in time, it should be stored at -70℃ or lower.

Virus Collection Tube
Virus Collection Tube

Virus Sampling Collection Tube
Virus Sampling Collection Tube

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Precautions for Disposable Virus Sampling Tube:

  1. Confirm that the outer packaging of the product is intact, check the storage tube, and confirm that there is no leakage.
  2. This product is for one-time use, secondary use is prohibited, and different patients are prohibited from using the same preservation tube.
  3. The process of collecting samples should be considered as a potential risk of infection, and the operation and handling must meet the requirements of relevant regulations.
  4. Do not eat, smoke, chew gum, or drink water within 30 minutes before taking oral samples.
  5. The collected samples should be stored and transported at ≤37℃, and it is recommended to use them within 1 month.

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