Oxygen Concentrator Machine

The oxygen concentrator machine is a device that separates nitrogen and oxygen in the air through physical technology to obtain high-concentration oxygen. It is often used in hospitals, nursing homes, and other places. However, with people’s gradual attention to health, household oxygen generators have become the mainstream. Especially for the elderly, pregnant women, or patients who need extra oxygen at home, the home oxygen generator has become an indispensable daily necessity. Contact us to get oxygen concentrator machine price right now.

Due to serious air pollution and ordinary use of air conditioners, regular oxygen inhalation, and indoor air environment cleaning. It can clean and improve your respiratory system and improve the body’s comprehensive immunity to prevent various diseases. At YG Machinery we also sell a fogging sprayer machine, air disinfection machine, car disinfection fogging machine, and blu ray anion nano spray gun. It can purify the room and take care of your health in all directions. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. If you are looking for oxygen concentrator machine for sale, industrial oxygen generator, nitrogen generator for sale, please leave your message.

Oxygen Concentrator Price
Oxygen Concentrator Price

Home Oxygen Concentrator
Home Oxygen Concentrator

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Parameter of Oxygen Generator Machine:

Product size 340*320*530mm
Rated voltage 220V±22V 50Hz
Input power ≤420VA
Oxygen generating principle Molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption
Output pressure >=100kPa
Size of the noise ≤60Bd
Oxygen concentrations 90%-96%
Weight About 20kg
The oxygen flow rate 1-5L

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What is the use of the Oxygen Concentrator Machine?

1.Eliminate Fatigue and Improve Intelligence

The human brain consumes 20% of the body’s oxygen, and the brain is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. Insufficient oxygen supply will lead to physical exhaustion, affecting people’s intelligence and work efficiency. After oxygen inhalation, the above symptoms can be significantly improved.

2.Improve Body Immunity

Oxygen inhalation can strengthen human cells, enhance metabolism, and improve body immunity.

3. Oxygen Inhalation is Helpful for Beauty and Beauty

Oxygen inhalation can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells, increase skin nutrition, and reduce wrinkles. Thin skin can reduce melanin deposition and beautify the skin.

4. Long-term Oxygen Absorption Can Resist Aging

Oxygen inhalation can significantly increase the partial pressure of oxygen and prevent the occurrence of many senile diseases.

5. It is Beneficial to the Growth of the Fetus

Oxygen inhalation by pregnant women can ensure that the fetus gets enough oxygen, allowing the fetus to develop better and faster. Now contact us to get a cheap oxygen concentrator machine factory price.

Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Oxygen Machine for Sale
Oxygen Machine for Sale

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Application of Oxygen Concentrator Machine

  1. For people suffering from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma, the oxygen generator can help improve the respiratory environment;
  2. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and cerebral vertigo. These diseases can easily cause the blood flow to slow down, leading to insufficient oxygen delivery, and the body will become hypoxic over time;
  3. People with altitude hypoxia symptoms such as altitude coma and altitude hypoxia;
  4. People who are prone to hypoxia such as middle-aged and elderly people and pregnant women;
  5. People with excessive mental work, such as urban white-collar workers, students with high academic pressure, and scientific researchers, etc.;
  6. People who have been engaged in underground or confined space operations for a long time;
  7. Athletes and other people whose oxygen supply is insufficient due to excessive physical exertion and fatigue;
  8. Frail and diseased people with poor immunity;
  9. Oxygen inhalation can also be used to help improve heatstroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, etc.
Application of Oxygen Compressor
Application of Oxygen Compressor

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There are Several Points to Note When Using the Oxygen Generator:

  1. The oxygen flow adjustment needs to be within the applicable scope of the oxygen generator. For example, if you buy a 1L machine, the oxygen flow adjustment needs to be between 0.5-1L/min, otherwise, the machine will give an alarm.
  2. Avoid using in smoke, dust, high temperature, humidity, sunshine, and closed environment.
  3. There will be a secondary filter sticker on the oxygen concentrator. This sticker is not removable. It is a part of the oxygen concentrator’s filtration system to ensure that the oxygen produced is purer.
  4. Distilled water needs to be added to the humidification bottle, but the amount of water is not easy to be too large to prevent the water from flowing back into the nasal cannula.
  5. The use time is at least 30 minutes each time, because the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator is generally stable for 30 minutes after turning on the machine, and frequent switching of the machine in a short time will reduce the service life of the oxygen generator.
  6. Oxygen is flammable. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to spark or smoke near the oxygen generator.
YG Oxygen Concentrator Machine
YG Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Features of Oxygen Concentrator
Features of Oxygen Concentrator

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Purchase Tips for Household Oxygen Generators:

  1. When buying a household oxygen generator, you should choose an oxygen generator with a metal integrated structure and automatic early warning filling of the molecular sieve.
  2. Patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases have higher requirements for the performance of household oxygen concentrators, and they should choose to meet standard medical indicators when purchasing.
  3. The household oxygen generator is a medical health maintenance device. It is necessary to choose a machine with excellent structure performance, small size, and ideal heat dissipation.
  4. Nebulization extension function for users with respiratory diseases, you can choose products with nebulization function.
  5. Control the oxygen concentration. The oxygen concentration of high-quality household oxygen generators should be stabilized above 90%.
  6. Operating noise should be less than 45 decibels. Most household oxygen concentrators are used by people who need to rest, and they are used for a long time. Excessive operating noise will greatly affect the user’s rest.
  7. Oxygen generators that have passed ISO international and CE European quality system certification are an important guarantee for purchase.
Portable Oxygen Concentrators
Portable Oxygen Concentrators Price

Oxygen Concentrator
Oxygen Concentrator for Sale

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Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturers

If you are looking for a reliable industrial oxygen generator, nitrogen gas generator, oxygen concentrator manufacturer, we will be your ideal choice. Now, please feel free to leave a message. You will get a surprise prize for the oxygen concentrator machine. In addition, we have another hot-selling machine for sale. For example, wet wipe making machine, glove making machine, mask making machine, meltblown making machine, meltblown nonwoven, disinfection mist machine, backpack disinfection sprayer, disinfection door, disinfection channel, ultraviolet disinfection robot, 3 blades wind turbines, etc. Please contact us immediately.


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