Floor Removal Machine

Floor removal machine mainly used to remove old cover in school, athletic field, old polyurethane site. Scraping the cover is the first step in installing a new floor. Floor removal machine is also called floor scraping machine, stripping machine. It can also handle ceramics, PU, carpet, glue, etc.

Floor Scraping Machine
Floor Scraping Machine

Parameter of Floor Stripping Machine for Sale:

Model YG-280 YG-310
Working width 280mm 310mm
Power 1.5kw 1kw
Voltage 380v 380v
Scraping Angle 25-44° 25-44°
Dimension 970*460*1160mm 1010*510*1160mm
Weight 120kg 92kg

Features of Floor Removal Machine:

  1. Adopts Japanese motor, easy to operate, high efficiency, save time and energy, reduce cost.
  2. Has the characteristics of safe, environmentally friendly, economical, precise and flexible.
  3. Scraping efficiency can be shovel 400-500 square meters a day, and artificial can only reach 30 square meters.
  4. Suitable for removal of plastic track, PU coatings, old sites, etc.
  5. Cutting degree can be adjusted according to different needs.
  6. Not suitable for shoveling old epoxy floors, because old epoxy floor is too hard, and blade is broken easily.
Walk Behind Floor Scraper
Walk Behind Floor Scraper

The floor scraper machine does not generate noise, dust during work. It is free from temperature and site restrictions, can work even in densely populated areas or indoors. When the scraper machine is working, you should pay attention to the looseness of the screw, and add high temperature butter regularly.

Nowadays, plastic runway is anywhere, it is the first choice flooring in track and field sports, and also designated sports venue material for international athletics competitions.

Characteristics of Plastic Floor:

  1. Color: special polyurethane granules have soft and granular surface, prevent the glare of the sun’s reflection, beautiful and durable.
  2. Economy: It is easy to maintain and saves cost.
  3. Safety: moderately absorb foot impact, reduce sports injuries, and long-term training and competition are appropriate.
  4. Adhesiveness: special construction treatment, strong bonding force, no bubbles, peeling phenomenon.
  5. Flatness: self-leveling material with a flat surface can meet the requirements of playing field.
  6. Impact resistance: It has a strong elastic layer and a buffer layer, which can absorb strong impact and the surface will not be damaged.
  7. Abrasion resistance: meets the needs of using for long-term and high frequency.
Floor Scraper Machine
Floor Scraper Machine

The plastic floor uses for a long time, surface layer is subjected to mechanical damage. Of course, it will end the service life after reaching a certain degree of wear. A standard high-quality plastic runway can be used for 7 or 8 years in normal conditions, and life is more than 10 years. As long as you keep proper and reasonable maintenance.

How to Renovate the Old Track?

  1. Remove the original floor cover.

It ensures that original concrete floor is exposed. Lower part of site should be removed twice, which can ensure the original flatness of entire site. Floor removal machine is ideal for scraping the floor cover, it is widely favored by customers.

  1. Check the plastic residue on the ground.

If there is plastic residue on the ground, polish it with concrete floor grinding machine. Intelligent grinding machine is mainly used for grinding ground, which can effectively polish terrazzo, concrete surface, epoxy mortar layer and old epoxy floor. After grinding and solidification, concrete floor becomes more flat, resistant to pressure and wear, as bright as a mirror and easy to clean.

  1. Rinse and clean the ground of the site.

After the ground is dry, repair and leveling can be done at the damaged place. Floor spraying machine can wash the floor equipped with water, it is also used for spraying various adhesive and viscous chemical coatings, anti-corrosive paints, PU, EPDM, color particle mixed glue, etc.

  1. Pave the new plastic floor and spray materials.

After the black rubber layer solidification, sprays paints on the rubber layer surface. Pour materials into a professional sprayer machine and spray them onto the surface. Appropriate amount of thinner can be added according to the thinness of the glue during the spraying process.

  1. Mark line with a professional road marking machine.

YG road marking machine is ideal for the marking work in kinds of roads, vehicle parks, schools. The specially manufactured high-precision cast iron marking equipment ensure that the marking line is neat, uniform and beautiful. The machine has the advantages of high performance, easy operation and maintenance.

Refurbishment process of the plastic floor is similar to the new floor. In order to ensure the quality of the floor surface layer, original base surface layer must be thoroughly removed and polished. It can prevent the delamination and secondary damage of the new surface layer, ensure floor adhesion and uniform thickness of surface layer.

Plastic runway service life closely relates to its own technical materials and maintenance. Machines with modern technology have replaced manual labor for construction and maintenance. YG company has best machines for your needs, which not only saves a lot of labor costs, but also shortens the construction period.

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