Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun

With the increase in the number of people going out, the increase in mobility in public places makes protection more difficult. Everyone has also paid more attention to cleaning and disinfection products. In addition to basic active protection products such as masks, atomized disinfection products for environmental protection have gradually attracted everyone’s attention.

The blu ray anion nano spray gun has the characteristics of active defense, continuous effectiveness, and harmless to the human body. Through the continuous generation of disinfectant spray in the air, the air and the surface of objects in the environment can be disinfected to create a safe and high-quality environment for everyone. In addition, YG Machinery also has a fog sprayer machine, air disinfection machine, car disinfection fogging machine, and fogging sanitizer machine for more epidemic prevention equipment to choose from. We will definitely provide you with the best quality products and the most competitive prices. Click below to learn more about blu ray nano disinfection spray gun.

Gun Portable Atomization Sterilizer
Gun Portable Atomization Sterilizer

Anion Nano Spray Gun
Anion Nano Spray Gun

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What is Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun?

Blu ray anion nano spray gun can atomize the disinfectant into mist particles below 30 microns so that the disinfectant will float in the air for a long time, and combine with the virus for a long time, and the disinfection effect is better. Since the degree of atomization of the disinfectant is relatively small and cannot float in the air for a long time, the ordinary portable sprayers on the market are basically not very effective, and they can only disinfect the ground.

The gun portable atomization sterilizer uses the principle of airflow atomization to spray the liquid medicine at high speed and extremely fine mist particles. It is easy to operate, and it is convenient for the user to carry and replace the liquid medicine, and can perform various angles on the surface of the object and the fabric at will for spray disinfection, extremely fine aerosol mist particles can pass over the surface of the object to achieve sufficient disinfection and sterilization. Click on the message box below to get the blu ray nano disinfection spray gun price.

Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun
Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun

Nano Sprayer Gun
Nano Sprayer Gun

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Can we use Sanitizer in the Fogging Machine?

Of course, recommend a high-quality blu ray anion nano spray gun to everyone, gun portable atomization sterilizer. The use of atomized antiseptic drugs as hypochlorous acid tablets, the weakly acidic hypochlorous acid water formed has the strongest sterilization and deodorization capabilities. Compared with traditional chlorine-based preparations, it has almost no effect on the human body.

Ultra-fine atomized particles are conducive to diffusion, can evenly cover the surface of all objects, sterilize and sterilize, and continue to be effective; ultra-fine atomized droplets have high drug content, feel comfortable, active defense, and eliminate environmental viruses.

ULV Sprayer Machine of Features:

  1. By changing the nozzles of different calibers, the accuracy of the droplets can be controlled to meet various spray immunity tasks.
  2. The unique wind pressure automatic control design ensures that the vaccine does not leak during use.
  3. The portable working state can flexibly adjust the immune angle to achieve a comprehensive immune effect.
  4. The radio constant temperature control and display system can effectively maintain the best activity of the vaccine.
  5. The droplet size of the equipment is 5-160μm, and the static wind lift is 6-8m. It can replace traditional artificial immunization methods and can improve work efficiency dozens of times.
Fog Machine for Disinfection
Fog Machine for Disinfection

Atomizing Sterilizing Machine
Atomizing Sterilizing Machine

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Parameter of ULV Sprayer Machine:

Model specification  ULV Sprayer Machine
Rated voltage/frequency AC220V/50Hz
Rated power 1000W
Medicine box capacity  5L
Spray volume  470ml/min
Droplet size 10-150um
Static wind range 3-8m (adjustable by frequency conversion)
Net weight  2.35Kg
Dimensions  56*24*32cm

Advantages of ULV Sprayer Machine and Similar Products:

  1. High-power motor, large atomization volume, uniform droplet size.
  2. The wind pressure self-locking nozzle can effectively prevent the backflow of liquid medicine in the shutdown state.
  3. The centrifugal spray method, without the trouble of nozzle blockage, strictly controls the accuracy of the droplets by changing nozzles of different calibers.
  4. Unique hose nozzle design, the angle can be placed arbitrarily, instant switching, efficient, and convenient.
  5. Using patented technology, instead of traditional spray disinfection methods, greatly improve work efficiency.
  6. Equipped with a flow control valve, the output of the liquid medicine and the droplet diameter can be obtained.
  7. The unique easy-pull base filter design can quickly replace the filter element to ensure that the instrument works stably in harsh environments.
ULV Sprayer Machine
ULV Sprayer Machine

Why Choose the YG Blu Ray Anion Nano Spray Gun?

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, there is currently no vaccine that can completely prevent it, and there is no particularly effective drug that can quickly cure the situation. What everyone can do is to strengthen their physical fitness, improve immunity, and resist virus invasion; So the only effective way now is to do a good job in epidemic prevention and disinfection.

YG Machinery provides a variety of disinfection atomizers to meet the needs of different fields. For example mist machine, electrostatic sprayer, atomizer. Our company also has a disinfection door, disinfection channel, professional backpack sprayer. If you have any needs, you can leave a message, and we will answer you in time.

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