Dust Cannon for Sale in the USA

On March 22, our customer from the United States sent us an e-mail message about the dust cannon through the website. He said he wanted to know our dust cannon classification, functions, and quotation. Our sales manager contacted the customer for the first time and informed the customer of the purpose of the machine and other detailed information. According to the customer’s needs and communication, our sales manager recommended the YG-60 model for the customer.

The Working Principle :

Through the pipeline system, the water is sent to the end of multiple spray ports; then, using a high-volume high-pressure fan, the water is also sprayed in the form of a mist, and finally; finally, a large number of mist-shaped water droplets spread through the air will be Various contaminants present are brought to the ground. Moreover, the sprayed mist particles drift like the drizzle with the wind, and there will be no water droplets. When choosing a Dust cannon machine, the most important factor to consider is the range that can be covered, also known as the “range”, for example, 30 meters, 80 meters, 100 meters, 120 meters. We can customize configuration standards according to the actual requirements of customers.

Dust Cannon Machine
Dust Cannon Machine for sale


  • Model  YG-60
  • Horizontal Range  60m
  • Fog Size   40-200μm
  • Fan Diameter  700mm
  • Fan Length  2.1m
  • Voltage  380V
  • Fan Power  18.5kw
  • Water Pump Power  5.5kw
  • Dimension  1800*1200*2200mm

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Main Features :

1. Long-range, wide-coverage, and high working efficiency;
2. It can achieve precise spraying and the sprayed mist particles are small, which can quickly suppress the dust;
3. The supporting power is flexible, which can be used for both three-phase 380V city power and diesel generator set;
4. It can be fixedly installed on the platform where the concrete is poured, and can also be installed on the transportation vehicle with the diesel generator set;
5. Flexible operation, remote control or manual control, and can adjust the horizontal rotation and spray angle at will, safe and reliable use;
6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment, the water consumption can be saved by 70% -80%, and the water mist coverage area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment;
7. It can be configured according to the customer’s actual requirements.

Dust Cannon Manufacturer -YG Machinery

The process of talking with customers is very smooth, and customers also trust our products. Since the current stage, we also give customers enough care. Prepare to send some protective equipment to customers. Finally, the customer bought 15 dust cannon machine.

Our company has sufficient inventory and certificates of conformity, and it is sold at the best price. The customer said that there will be many orders in the future and look forward to our follow-up cooperation. Thank all customers for their trust in us!

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