Surgical Mask 3 Ply

Surgical Mask 3 Ply is generally composed of three layers: the outer layer blocks water, the middle layer blocks fine particles in the air> 90%, and the inner layer absorbs moisture. In addition, the side of the mouth is provided with a metal strip, and the pressure of the finger can make the mask and the face fit well. It can effectively prevent the effective isolation of air propagation or close-range droplet propagation.

Surgical Mask 3 Ply
Surgical Mask 3 Ply

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  1. Pay attention to the expiration date of Surgical Mask 3 Ply: the general expiration date of Surgical Mask 3 Ply is three years. Once the expiration date of the masks is exceeded, the filtration efficiency and protection performance of the filter materials will be reduced. The use of expired masks cannot effectively block the infection of viral bacteria. Before using a Surgical Mask 3 Ply, be sure to confirm the production date and expiration date.
  2. Always wash your hands before and after wearing a Surgical Mask 3 Ply: Wash your hands before wearing the mask, avoid touching the inner surface of the mask, and avoid touching the mask as much as possible to avoid reducing the protective effect. When removing the mask, try not to touch the outside of the mask to prevent bacteria from getting on your hands, and be sure to wash your hands after removing it.
  3. Surgical Mask 3 Ply should not be worn for a long time: in order to prevent infection, some people may wear masks all day long, but this will make the nasal mucosa vulnerable, lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, reduce resistance, so the population density is not It is not necessary to wear masks in the more ventilated places.
  4. Surgical Mask 3 Ply should be folded and stored in ziplock bags when not in use: it is not recommended to remove the masks and directly stuff them into pockets or bags, as this may easily cause secondary pollution of masks, be sure to fold them into clean ziplock bags Medium and fold the side that touches the nose and mouth inwards.                                             
    Surgical Mask 3 Ply
    Surgical Mask 3 Ply

    Surgical Mask
    Surgical Mask for sale

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    The use time of Surgical Mask 3 Ply should be controlled within 4-8 hours as much as possible, and try not to reuse them. Surgical Mask 3 Ply can help us through our daily life needs, but during the epidemic, try not to attend parties or appear in bars and other gathering places. If there are virus carriers, nothing can help us. Don’t go out for the excuse of being bored for any excuses. After the epidemic, we still have a lot of time to contact and meet. If you need any face mask making machine, fog sprayer machine, disinfection door, air disinfection machine, Protective Clothing Chemical, Temperature Measuring Guns, N95 masks, and other epidemic prevention materials You can contact me, If you are interested, You can add my WhatsApp +8613598866720 or send an email directly to me.

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